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Języki obce kluczem do sukcesu zawodowego
Date du début: 1 juin 2015, Date de fin: 31 mai 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Summary of the project Currently there are 870 students learning in Zespół Szkół Ogólnokształcących im.E.Szylki: 479 in primary school, 315 in junior high school, and 76 in secondary school. 40% of primary school students and 60% of junior high school students commute to school from the whole commune of Ożarów. The aims of the project were: 1. Improving methodology of teaching as well as language skills among teachers of English, German and Spanish 2. Improving the overall quality of school management by means of language trainings for the headmasters and managing staff 3. Implementing newly acquired skills to improve the quality of teaching in the school 4. Extending international cooperation by participating in various projects and exchanges 5. Promoting the importance of learning foreign languages among teachers and students 6. Preparation for the demands of current job market by increasing the command of foreign languages 7. Including modern technologies and online tools (like eTwinning) in preparing interesting lessons 8. Regular cooperation with European schools 9. Introducing new offer of the school 10. Improving the importance of the school among local society. Project participants: Agnieszka Szot – teacher of German (Deutschlehrerkurs AUSTRIA), Anna Gniaź – teacher of English and Russian (Teachers of English Course, Great Britain) Daniel Fryziel – teacher of English and Spanish (Español para Profesores de Español) Monika Sztobnicka – teacher of English (Teachers of English Course, Great Britain) Anna Kaleta – vice-director and teacher of Maths (General English Course, Great Britain) Katarzyna Swacha – vice-director and teacher of Physics (General English Course, Great Britain) Each course strongly focused on intercultural differences significantly improves general communication skills. Teachers who participated in such courses in an active way, improved their self-esteem and became more confident in sharing their knowledge concerning the countries they have visited. Workshops and courses that covered issues like improving all the language skills, new didactic materials, teaching languages by games, using multimedia and online tools and material improved their preparation to teach in even more effective ways. Spending 2 weeks in an international environment allowed them to learn and understand more about multicultural matters which might contribute to more effective international cooperation. We now have a German partner-school. Improving language skills of non-language teachers helped them to use didactic materials written in English (websites, computer programmes etc), which resulted in more interesting lessons and triggered a self-sudy need in case of two vice-directors. The participants shared their experiences with other teachers so that new skills and knowledge influenced all the staff, not only those teachers who have participated in the project directly. They were able to suggest new methods of teaching that can improve their everyday work based on their new experience and knowledge gained during the courses. Their main attention was placed on the intercultural communication that has an enormous impact on interest in foreign cultures, and thus – in foreign language learning. Students in our school became more open, self-confident and ready to explore foreign cultures on their own. All the courses and workshops were a great opportunity to meet new inspiring people who can share their experiences and knowledge and in long-term cooperation helped to establish regular exchange programmes with foreign schools. Nowe we have a partner school in Germany. The courses undoubtedly contributed to sharing and promoting great educational opportunities that the EU offers. Teachers who regularly improved their skills and paid z great attention to regular self-development always highlight the importance and value of a particular school. Project participants definitely made this statement valid in our school, too.Our school also catered for the need of our local community by realising a free language courses for other teacher and non-teaching staff in the community of Ozarow. We are now considered as a centre where new skills could be gained. Those courses also resulted in more students choosing German or Spanish as their second foreign language.