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Jeunesse euroméditerranéenne et engagement
Date du début: 1 août 2016, Date de fin: 31 juil. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

This seminar will focus on the issue « euro-mediterranéenne youth involment and participation in associations. It will take place at Rabat in Morocco from the 29th of october to the 2nd of november 2016 and will bring together Youthworkers from 14 organizations from 10 countries of Europe, Maghreb and Middle East. It will be structured around two questions : how the involvement of youngsters in our organisations can be a positive experience of democracy and provide them competences and values to have a citizenship involvement in the society? How a special consideration toward youth involvement can improve the governance of our organisations ? The objectives are :- identify the porcentage, the profile of youngsters in our ativities and their place in our organisations- identify actions dedicated to youngsters- identify future actions for more diversity and to touch youngsters out of educational activities (NEETS)- exchange on our mentoring practices concerning the involvement of young activists and specially the preparation at representative's functions- create bridges between our actions in order to propose international and european training pathway for youngsters.This project proposes a reflexion on the citizenship's education in our organisations and solidarity between generations and countries. Different activities will be developped : sharing observations and analyses concerning the place and role of youngsters in our organisations (sharing database, interviews, mapmaking...), formalizing and writing recommandations for the mentorships of youngsters, for actions to share in our oartnership, particularly in the euro-mediterranean space. The main expected impact in our organisation is to improve the hosting and the mentoring of youngsters by diversifying our methods, by creating new spaces and ways of recognition. This improvement aims a better governance in our organisations with a better representativity of youngsters, a developpment of their competences to be involved in differents instances of citizenships (local authorities, trade Unions...).We want to promote the implication of youngsters in society to national and european authorities. We will promote a positive approach of youth based on a greater solidarity between generations and people, contribute at the european levels with analyses taking in count interactions between generations and countries of differents continents To do this, we will formalize common positions and strategies to bring advocacy actions and to support youth participation in our organizations, their access to positions of representation in regional, national and European collectives. A video support will also be realized, it can be used in awareness actions in collective spaces or as a training tool .



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