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Jesteśmy w mniejszości - jesteśmy u siebie
Date du début: 1 août 2015, Date de fin: 31 déc. 2015 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Three groups of ten young people from Belarus, Lithuania and Poland meet together in Wroclaw to discuss about situation and role of ethnic and national minorities in their countries. There will be representatives of the Polish minority of Polish Culture Society of Lida Count and Union of Poles in Lithuania. From the Poland in the project will participate young people cooperating with Fundacja Kompania Kresowa. The project is aimed at training the participants open attitude, tolerant, having in mind the good of the community, which a young person is a member. Above all, the project aims to affirm a participant in the belief that activism is not only useful, but also valuable in itself. Contact representatives of national minorities of the two countries will create a platform for exchange of information, experience views. In this sense, falls into this fundamental to the functioning of the European Union, the value of freedom and equality of citizens, including those belonging to minorities, who should be able to function in a social by the recognition of its cultural pluralism, a rejection of all forms of discrimination. The project participants will take part in weekly workshops during which thanks to the joint debates, exchange of experience, urban games, work in groups, and many others will, analyze the situation of national minorities in their countries. As a direct result of the project will be to showcase the project participants of possible actions that improve the situation of national minorities in their area and tools to promote European values: equality, tolerance, openness and intercultural dialogue. In the long term, the applicant assumes that by participating in the project, participants will improve the performances of their organization, which in the long run result in the improvement of the situation of national minorities in the region. Another long-term effect will be to increase cooperation between NGOs from the territory of Belarus, Lithuania and Polish, which will contribute to the promotion of European values in Belarus.



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