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Date du début: 1 juin 2015, Date de fin: 31 mai 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The implemented project has been in accordance with the concept of education in our school. Important attributes of the provided education are an emphasis on foreign languages, linking theory with practice and openness to foreign countries. Thanks to this project 29 pupils of our school gained work experience at companies and organizations in English-speaking countries - England and Ireland. The project enabled to our school to deepen existing cooperation with foreign partners and establish cooperation with new partners. The main objective of the project was to improve the quality and level of professional training of students, enabling them to gain certified experience abroad that will strengthen their professional knowledge and skills, will improve their level of English and will lead to their better employability in future. Other goals of the project were to develop cooperation with foreign partners, to strengthen the prestige of the school and enhance its attractiveness. We also wanted to use ECVET for the vocational training of our students. Participants gained new knowledge and skills. They got familiar with the operation of foreign organizations, their working team and working methods. They gained work habits and got integrated into the team. The project helped to develop their social skills, independence, flexibility and labor mobility. Participants also met new cultural environment and integrated into it. Project participants were pupils of the 3rd year of the four-year graduation courses Legal Administration, Operation of Diplomatic Service, Human Resources Management and Media Communication. 19 participants travelled to England and 10 to Ireland. Each group was accompanied by one teacher. The length of all internships was 4 weeks. Passing of the work placement has been acknowledged to the participants as their mandatory professional practice. The contents of internships has been adapted to study orientation and preferences of the participants. Participants worked in administrative positions in profit organizations and voluntary sector. Participants has been preparing for the internship during all the school year. School ensured linguistic, cultural, and practical training. Tangible outputs of the project are obtained documents Europass Mobility, an evaluation form ECVET Placemet evaluation, certificates from intermediary agencies, letters of recommendation from employers, photographs, newspaper article and presentations on the school website. Furthermore, we can appoint 7 units of learning outcomes developed within ECVET to standardize work-tasks descriptions and its evaluation. Among the project's impact we can appoint improvement of the professional and language training sof our students and improving of their future employability. The project has supported the training of skilled workers with language skills, which meets the requirements of employers in our country. From a European perspective it is important that the project has supported the growth of labor mobility, improving foreign language skills and the implementation of European validation tools Europass Mobility and ECVET.



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