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Jedeme na praxi do Anglie a Irska
Date du début: 1 sept. 2016, Date de fin: 31 août 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project will enable the pupils of our school to gain work experience in companies and organizations in England and Ireland. We are going to implement this project because we strive to improve the quality of school practical training of students and links with current needs of practice. We build on our successful projects from previous years. In past, internships were designed only for students from graduation study, however this time apprentices will also participate in internships abroad. The project responds to the demands of employers for graduates of our school, who require not only expertise, but emphasize good practice and language skills.The main objective of the project is to improve the quality of professional practice and language training of our pupils. This project will provide participants certified practice abroad, which will help to improve their employability. Participants will gather new professional knowledge, skills and competencies and will deepen their key competences. We also aim to progress participants´ English, to develop their personalities and intercultural enrichment. From the perspective of school the other objectives of the project are to expand and deepen international cooperation, to transfer new knowledge from abroad and use them to improve the quality of teaching. In this project we use Europass Mobility and implement ECVET system.Project participants will be students of the 2nd and 3rd grade of studies. There will be students of the 4-year degree courses focused on tourism, business, hospitality and engineering, and apprentices of the 3-year courses - machinist, toolmaker, mechanic (locksmith), fine mechanics (optics) and cook-waiter. We will send a total of 30 students (20 in England – Portsmouth and Birmingham and 10 in Ireland - Cork) and 3 accompanying persons. Foreign work placement will be 4 weeks long.Participants will prepare for an internship during the school year. They will attend an English course and the cultural, organizational and job training. Participants will be placed in small and medium enterprises and organizations to perform their work activities. Specific internships will be prepared according to field of study of the participants and will be tailored to their individual needs. Professional work tasks will be determined by the unit of learning ECVET.Participants focused on tourism will work in facilities for tourists, such as information centers, cultural institutions and monuments. Participants who attend Business College will spend their internship at administrative positions in companies and organizations. Participants focused on hotel industry will be working at receptions or as skilled gastronomy workers in hotels and other accommodation and catering facilities. Participants from mechanical engineering will work in the preparation of production (construction, technology, planning) or in manufacturing and its management. Participants of the field machinist, mechanic and toolmaker (locksmith) will work in engineering companies in qualified positions in preparation of the production, manufacturing, assembly and maintenance. Participants in the field of fine mechanics (optician) will work in ophthalmic optician. Participants of the branch cook - waiter will work in hotels, restaurants and other catering establishments as a qualified workforce in Food and Beverage. The project will bring result primarily in intangible form. They will particularly relate to the development of the participants in the professional, linguistic, cultural and personal area. The tangible results will include certificates, created learning units ECVET, photographs, articles and other documents written by participants. Each project participant will get Europass Mobility.The project will bring participants a quality professional training, which will have a major impact on their careers. It will facilitate participants´ further studies and after its completion they will easier apply in the labor market.Our school will get in touch with international practice and will bring foreign experience. The project will help us to improve the quality of vocational training in the coming years. The experience from this project we will use by the implementation of other European projects. We must also mention the positive impact of the project on building the reputation and prestige of the school and the growing interest in vocational education. From the European perspective, the project will contribute to the development of international cooperation, internationalization of education and improvement of the level of teaching foreign languages. It will support the development of key competencies of participants with regard to their employability. Thanks to the use of European tools Europass Mobility and ECVET, this project will have an impact on improving quality, increase of transparency and eligibility learning outcomes.

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