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Jean Monnet Module for European Public Policy
Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2018 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

With the implementation of Jean Monnet Module for European Public Policy we would like to respond to a labour market demand and deliver tailor-made courses and other activities in the field of European Public Policy. Given the increased interest of the young Hungarians to pursue EU – related public affairs and public service careers, we are dedicated to provide all necessary academic and professional knowledge and capacity they need. Our overall objectives are derived from the labour market, but we have also defined the main objectives as follows: • Implementing excellent teaching and research activities in the field of EU Interdisciplinary Studies by increasing the capacity of department to teach EU issues ;• Offering practice-oriented courses in the module;• Promoting debate on EU - related policy issues among students and professionals;• Motivating students for innovation, idea-generation in order to answer the current EU challenges;• Implementing new methodology in teaching and favour strategic way of thinking;In order to meet these objective, we launch and implement two MA courses focusing on the main topic of the module: ‘EU policy-making: current issues and strategies’ and the ‘EU sectoral policies’.Nevertheless, we will also provide valuable deliverables, e.g. a virtual platform – a microsite on the webpage of the NUPS - and peer reviewed articles and book chapters by the key staff as set in the work-program. We plan to organise an ’EU public policy entrepreneurship’ workshop and public lectures on current policy challenges of the EU. With these events we intend to attract a wider audience, not only students, but young professionals.The main indicator of our achievement mid- and long-term is the higher level of employability of Hungarians at both lower and higher rank public service positions.