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Jean Monnet Chair of EU as a Diplomatic and Security Actor
Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2018 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The proposed Jean Monnet Chair on EU as a Diplomatic & Security Actor will provide a coherent undergraduate and postgraduate teaching & training program both for undergraduate and postgraduate students with the goal to generate and disseminate knowledge regarding the diplomatic governance of the EU and the external dimensions of the EU. To succeed in its goals and attract a big number of students, the Chair will engage in extensive University teaching (total 94 hours per year), covering mainstream issues of the EU’s diplomatic governance, its performance in International Security Organizations and its role as an international security provider. The Chair emphasizes quality of teaching (via teaching assistantship, quality course material, and development of empirical case-studies). The progress in teaching & training will be measured on a regular 6-month base by written evaluations of teaching quality from the participants. Mid-year reports will summarize progress and identify weaknesses.In addition, the Chair will organize study-visits to the offices of EU institutions in Athens giving the opportunity to participating students to have an on-site experience and inside information about the workings of EU institutions. Complementing these activities, the Chair is going to create a website and organize a workshop open to the academic community, the students and the public with a view to offering to all of them information and rounded overviews of particular aspects of EU international engagements in a coherent and systematic way. A collective volume that will include contributions from top experts constitutes the major research output of this proposal.The Chair will also take advantage of the technological infrastructure of AUEB. AUEB has already set an open educational resources service providing a technological platform to develop open educational resources, not only to AUEB students but to the wider public interested in acquiring high-quality academic knowledge.