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Jean Monnet Chair: Milada Anna Vachudova
Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2018 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

I am applying for a Jean Monnet Chair grant to deepen my teaching, mentoring and research on the European Union (EU) by offering courses on European integration, and by planning workshops to debate the role of the EU as a foreign policy actor. Since 1990, my research agenda has centered on the transformation of the EU. I am one of the two or three most prominent scholars in the world studying EU enlargement and political change in post-communist Europe. I show in my first book, Europe Undivided (Oxford University Press, 2005) how leverage over states seeking membership became the EU’s most powerful foreign policy tool. Over the last decade, I have published widely on EU foreign policy as well as on enlargement and political change in post-communist Europe. To have a greater impact, I twin my scholarship with shorter articles and speaking appearances aimed at the policy community. Teaching at UNC over the next three years, I would offer a sequence of courses on European integration. This would mean increasing the number of students taking EU courses and also increasing in the number of students taking a second and even a third, more advanced EU course. I would offer two introductory and then two advanced courses: Undivided Europe: Democratization and International Institutions After the Cold War and European Security, the European Union and Transatlantic Relations. The Jean Monnet Chair would also promote my work helping advanced students who are seeking a career as young professionals in EU studies, as well as more advanced graduate students and other young scholars in these fields. Altogether, my efforts as a Jean Monnet Chair holder would amplify interest in the EU on campus and beyond by offering high quality courses, increasing student enrollments, organizing events, and training and supporting future professionals and scholars while making substantial contributions to the study of European integration.