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Jazykové vzdělávání učitelů – první krok k evropské pospolitosti
Date du début: 1 juin 2015, Date de fin: 31 mai 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Our project „Teacher Language Training - the first step towards a European togetherness" is based on the concept of long-term development of our school and the ensuing European development plan of our school for the years 2015 to 2021. During this period, our priorities consist in terms of developing the quality of our school primality focus in search and implementation of new teaching methods. Outputs of the project will be used to integrate these methods. Among other things, we focus on the introduction of teaching method CLIL (Content Language Integrated Learning), in which the various elements of the selected educational areas are taught in a foreign language. The project aims to create conditions for the accomplishment of this task, in particular by improving the competence of teachers in foreign language skills. The aims of the project is to train part of the teaching staff of our school in a competence and methodology of teaching English and German. In order to satisfy this goal, six teachers are included to the project. There are qualified foreign language teachers as well as teachers of vocational subjects who are not qualified to teach foreign languages, but who speak foreign languages. Two teachers of them will be trained in German and four teachers will be trained in the English language. The main activity of the project is the participation in the two-week training language courses aimed at improving competence in foreign language skills and improvement in foreign language teaching methodologies. Each of teaching staff undergo training abroad individually, each of them undergo a training course that fits to his professional needs. As part of the project in the period of 24 months, participants attend training courses aimed at improving the competencies in English and German. The project has three phases: In the preparatory phase the individual participants will first prepare for their own stay in the educational course by personal preparation plan. After that participants complete mobility in the form of a two-week foreign training course. In the next phase learning outcomes will be applied and at the same time there will be evaluation the degree of achievement of the objectives. For participants of the project are expected to increase their language competence, increased orientation in foreign reality and gaining awareness of new teaching methods that will be able to introduce into their teaching practice. A separate component of the expected output of the project is to improve the teaching of foreign languages in our school and both English as well as German, which is taught compulsory as the second foreign language at our elementary school since last school year. The expected impact is also to find the international contacts for our school too. The project has the following long-term benefits: The experience and skills that teachers participating in the program will obtain, become manifest of their creativity and increased efficiency at work with our pupils. An important part of our project is, that thanks to the quality of language training in foreign country teachers receive in addition to language and methodological competence also the ability and desire to actively seek and implement international activities of the pupils of our school of any type. This and also due to make personal contact with other foreign language training participants will contribute to the European community.