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Jaz zmorem, ti zmoreš, midva zmoreva še več
Date du début: 1 juin 2015, Date de fin: 31 mai 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

One year project I can, you can, we can do much more is dedicated to educational upbringing at Osnovna šola Naklo. Besides 4 teachers, who are going to take extra educational courses abroad, the project is going to include more of the staff due to the fact that this project brings a mutual, clear vision and conceptual guidelines for creating a positive educational setting which is going to affect the wellbeing of the children and their educational success. Findings of the past educational upbringing at our school, which was mainly oriented into intermittent problem solving, occasional confusion and feelings of despair, have led us to a vision of creating guidelines (documents, working methods and a model of working) as well as delineating clear steps which are going to lead towards a mutual goal – an effective model of educational upbringing which is going to raise awareness in positive skills and ways of thinking in children as well as teachers. We are convinced that a correctly formed, guided and professionally sustained model of educational upbringing diminishes unwanted behaviour in students. Furthermore, we believe that by internalizing specific skills and concepts we can achieve a positive climate. The result of this project is going to be a document (an educational upbringing plan) which is going to include a model of working, student and teacher activities as well as a formed plan on how to include educational upbringing into regular lessons and extra activities carried out by teachers.



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