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Jak Druhá světová válka ovlivnila český a slovenský venkov
Date du début: 7 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 6 janv. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The idea of the project has accrued form the problems and needs analysis in the field of education and training implemented during creation of the Community Led Local Development Strategy of LAG Saint John of Nepomuk in 2014. The project contributes to the superstructure of rural schools, for which is such participation in project of international cooperation rarity. The project "How World War II. affected the Czech and Slovak countryside" is our interactive way to strengthen the youth belonging to the place where they live and partly to combat the negative phenomenon - rural migration of young people. The main objective of the project is to compare the influence of World War II. into rural areas. Knowledge of our own history strengthens local awareness and self-knowledge, which is substantial for our perception as part of the European Community. We want to compare rural territories of both – Czech and Slovak partners, who have much common: cooperation in the resistance and declaration of common independent country after World War II. More than 40 years, we have represented one state, which operated on the same historical events. We are transforming our countries from a totalitarian regime. Now, after the division of our country, our history and development is moving in a different direction. Yet we are part of the same whole: the European Union. Here our paths are joining again and it is important to realize how much World War II. and division of Europe influenced our present and place, where we live. The second aim is to use the tools and methods, which will participants involved actively in the preparation and implementation of the project. For participants the project is way to learn multicultural tolerance, which in today's socially and politically tense society lacks. Participants are pupils of 4 rural primary schools who are interested in issues of local history. 20 students and 5 trainers from each partner country will participate in the project. Total number is 50 participants. Planned activities can be divided into four groups, with respect to the objectives pursued. The first group consists of workshops and practical activities for processing reports on the topic "How World War II. affected Czech and Slovak countryside" and the final public presentation of these reports: 1. Workshop "How to make reportage" 2. Workshop "Clever use of smartphone" 3. Creating presentation of reports This cross-curricular activity intended to ensure that the project will have practical and tangible output, summary of all activities on a given topic. It is for us a tool to engage children to work in international teams. We will get a practical material that will be used mainly for the dissemination of project outputs. The second group are outdoor activities and meetings with those who experienced the World War II.: 1. Visitation of World War II. monuments 2. Meeting with witnesses 3. Contest "Footsteps of World War II." 4. The Jews of World War II. These activities are experiential and will bring participants into the places where essential events of World War II. took place. Participants get to know the territory where they live, narratives and recollections of wartime experiences remind to them, that the greatest conflict of modern history did not happen so long as it may seem. Participants will also become familiar with the image of the landscape and elements which it creates and they will determine which ones are affected World War II. and the development of our country afterwards. The third group are the activities, including mentoring of trainers: 1. Knowing contemporary life peer in the country 2. Present wars conflicts 3. Development of rural areas after World War II. 4. The role and status of women at the time World War II. These activities are the themes that complement the excursion and adventure activities and lead to the realization, that peace is not a matter of course, that our illusions about the fact that the current military conflicts in Europe and beyond are not concern us, can dissolve in one moment. The fourth group are leisure time activities that are interesting for children and young people and serve as a respite from the serious topic of our project: 1. International afternoon and national dinner 2. Czech-Slovak tournament The desired effect is to strengthen local identity, belonging to the community. Acquired awareness about the importance of cultural tolerance and the threat of ethnocentrism, which is the beginning of all past and current wars, we consider as the main expected and desired impact on the participants, organizations and target groups, to which we will disseminate the project results.



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