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Jačanje kapaciteta za razvoj i reviziju CARNetovih usluga vezanih uz primjenu IKT-a u obrazovanju
Date du début: 1 juin 2016, Date de fin: 31 mai 2018 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project includes a series of specific goals:- Acquisition of competences and experiences of development, evaluation, quality assurance and revision of training services and support for teaching staff in the application of ICT in teaching- Monitoring of innovations in professional training of teachers in the use of ICT and social media, as well as the exchange of ideas in this area- Development of dissemination competences and knowledge transfer within the organization and wider in order to increase the number of users and better use of the servicesActivities include participation in two structured professional developments and two technical visits to relevant organizations. "Consulting and development teams and groups" is focused on increasing the communication and cooperation capacity of employees, partners and customers. ICT application course and open web tools in education will provide insight into new ways of teaching and learning with a view to their application in the Croatian educational context. Job shadowing visits to the partner organizations will be carried out in order to learn the ways in which they develop and evaluate the quality of audit services training and support their teaching staff and customers in the application of ICT, and how to provide technical support for the system distance learning. A visit to the partner organizations includes the following activities: monitoring of key staff, talk with key staff and service users, the study of online services and courses, social media and other relevant digital and printed sources.Before the implementation of the mobility, participants will conduct a series of preparatory activities in order to take the advantages of the program more efficiently. Preparatory activities include the collection of documents, negotiations with the involved partners, introduction of the courses before mobility, the development of language skills and activities of partner organizations and more. First phase of mobility includes participation in courses and visits to partner organizations. The following phase of the exchange of knowledge and dissemination of the results within the CARNet and the wider community, which also includes the evaluation of the project.Project participants will have the opportunity to improve their competences for the development and revision of CARNet services related to the use of ICT in education, as well as sensitization of users and promotion of services.Through the application of these competencies CARNet will achieve the following:• increased number of users of the Loomen, e-Lab and MOOC services• higher quality and sustainability of the use of Loomen, e-Lab and MOOC services• greater visibility of the Loomen, e-Lab and MOOC services• effective planning, development and revision of the Loomen, e-Lab and MOOC services. Through the dissemination of results at the level of organization and incorporation of acquired competences in the daily work of the team members, the strengthening of the capacity of CARNet employees and associates will be achieved, as well as the impact on the evaluation, development and revision of other CARNet training services and user support in the application of ICT.



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