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JA:hr für Europa
Date du début: 15 août 2016, Date de fin: 14 août 2018 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project links five EVS hosting organizations, 13 European volunteers and seven sending organizations. Common theme is to get to know, to work on, to exchange about and to build up integration measures for people, especially for children and adolescents, with asylum background. It includes the dealing and discussion of the topic of coexistence in diversity and tolerance, which will be intensified in the project by conducting project days and a professionals exchange program including the involvement of other initiatives and local institutions.The project objectives are to increase of commitment and engagement and inclusion of disadvantaged people, intercultural exchange, international networking and internationalization of the involved organizations from eight different countries.Within all the activities of the volunteers - in addition to the participation and involvement in integration programs, inter alia, assisting in youth exchange projects, art exhibitions, the open stage in the youth event area, at school events and media workshops and to create their own projects - the volunteers are becoming more self-employed, acquire organizational skills in project management, are expanding their educational and creative skills and improve their language skills. This enhances their employability in the European labor market and enrich both them personally as well as receiving and sending organizations. Volunteers exchange views with employees, volunteers, refugges, visitors and other volunteers in everyday interaction, bringing aspects of the culture of their homecountry, learn about the local culture and network with each other.The interaction and handling with the young volunteers will be participants- and process-oriented; within a large supply of possible activities they can choose those that match their interests and learning fields and try them under professional guidance. Volunteers can bring their new knowledge, experience and networks into the work of their sending organizations after their return.This project allows for a longer period the developing and growing of a sustainable network of hosting and sending organizations, leading to deepening and increase of quality of EVS and integration work.



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