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İzmir İli Mesleki ve Teknik Liselerinin Öğrenme Hareketliliği
Date du début: 1 juin 2015, Date de fin: 31 mai 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Our project, Izmir primarily in the previous year in the province include the Vocational and Technical Schools have never benefited from the EU project. This project involves a consortium formed under the coordination of Izmir Provincial Directorate of Education. Thinking can be difficult for project preparation and execution, always thinking it would be prepared to act when a more successful project outcomes together.Izmir province, the İlçemiz from our professional and participate in the project by sending the beneficiary of the Technical School; Involves the mobility of our teachers and students. Student flow of our project; covers the education in our schools 17 Career site. The flow of teachers; 8 covers occupational field. Students of this project flow Netherlands, Spain, Italy and Germany is planned as 2 weeks. Only students in the flow field of Hospitality Management Catering Area is planned as 3 months in Germany. The reasons for this are that the students must do an internship with the 13 weeks. Teachers and staff mobility is still 2 weeks in the Netherlands, is planned as Italy and Germany. Student mobility will be accompanied by a total of 5 Accompanying teachers for our students.The requirements of the project, to meet the European dimension dominates the industry and add value to the project institutions and organizations were identified. In Europe, the first project from our partners even in the world, Germany is a country that be known by anyone who is No. 1 in the professional arena. Therefore, the project partners have received Germany. Students and instructors will participate in almost every area of ​​Germany as a participant in the project. Italy in the flow; Engine, Fashion, Metal, Furniture and participation of students and teachers in the field portion of the Interior will be as successful as they are concerned. In Spain; Food and beverage, and lodging in the travel section of student mobility will take place with the participation of our project. The flow of patients in the Netherlands and Elderly Services, Food and Beverage Services, Beauty Hair Care, Agriculture and bahçedetayl students and instructors distribution list (APPENDIX 1) is available.Our project; 3-week total of 100 student accommodation stream instantly from 8 from the field and the food line and 15 students will take part in the Beneficiary for a period of 3 months. In Persnonel mobility vocational courses from all areas of our teachers will participate in the project. Overseas flows Germany 10, Netherlands 10 and Italy is 5 Teachers.



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