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Izmenjava dobrih praks za razvoj outdoor programov
Date du début: 1 juin 2016, Date de fin: 31 mai 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Outdoor Development Experience evolved from the success of our previously funded common project among partners. Project involves organisations, over four countries, coming together to deliver placement experience for 7 Slovene Outdoor educators in August and September of 2015. The project involves, Center Solskih in Obšolskih Dejavnosti CSOD – Organising Partner and overall facilitation of all aspects of the project.Partner organisations are Outdoor centre Metsakartano from Finland, Outdoor centre Lipka from Check republic and Outdoor cener from Poland are Host organisations and on the ground support. Providing placements in their centres. The project program provides a group of Outdoor Activity Educators, of various ages, from different CŠOD Centres in Slovenia with a week-long placement in outdoor Center in host country. This placement will provide participants the opportunity to experience the delivery of outdoor education, field studies and environmental studies to groups of primary school children and other groups. The participants will also be able to partake in the programs and observe and experience the delivery first hand. Participants will experience the programs in a particular centre for one week. This will provide the participants on the project with the maximum exposure possible over their week-long stay.On the placement participants experience the different approach to delivering an Outdoor Education service. They experience, observe and learn additional techniques and systems that enhance the service they deliver in their workplaces in Slovenia. Candidates in addition will be exposed to all aspects of work in the hosting Centres. They will shadow instructors and sit in on briefings. Their schedule will be agreed with the participants and each centre. The program will also improve language skills.Candidates will receive a Europass Mobility certificate Candidates gain workplace experience, performing similar duties in Finland, Poland and Check Republic to those they perform in Slovenia.Candidates develop relationships with each other and with their counterparts forging potential work and business relationships. This can result in an increase in their mobility since CSOD are very interested in developing long term relationships with the potential for inter country visits and placements.



3 Participants partenaires