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Date du début: 1 juin 2015, Date de fin: 31 mai 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Maintenance of our surrounding environment, including biological diversity and ecosystem services (production of oxygen, reduction of flood risks, etc.) is the basis for future existence of mankind. In an effort to secure this, a row of Multilateral Environmental Agreements have been adopted, and Latvia has joined many of them (e.g., Convention of Biological Diversity, Ramsar Convention, Establishment of NATURA 2000 network, etc.). Education and active involvement of society is mentioned as one of the key actions in almost all of these documents. Awareness raising activities on these topics are, of course, also implemented in Latvia, and all members of consortium established within this Project have been taking active part in those - different events, seminars, lectures at schools, outdoor classes are being organized, articles published, etc. In 2013 and 2014 7 new Nature Education Centres were established in different PAs of Latvia, concentrating the already existing nature education offer and laying the basis for future development. However, so far the activities of Nature Education Centres have mainly been targeted at schoolchildren, whilst there is obvious need to reach much wider parts of society. There are plans to establish new programmes for adult audiences, but to achieve this on a high quality level, new knowledge is needed for the existing staff, and new qualified staff is needed, too, to cope with the increased amount of work. This Project took the first steps in this direction by organizing experience exchange trips to foreign PAs which have long experience in establishing and using various forms of adult education in nature protection sphere. Each trip had a slightly different focus to provide a better glimpse into the variety of possibilities in developing and differentiation of activities for adult audiences. Thus, the trip to Italy mostly focused on volunteering as an active, participatory and effective means of learning; whilst the main topics of the trip to Germany were equipment of nature education centres and use of modern technologies in reaching a wide range of audiences, including adults, as well as work with specific adult target groups - local tourism businesses and farmers. Exchange of experience on the latter topic is of increased added value as two nature territories involved in this Project - Ķemeri National Park in Latvia and Mueritz National Park in Germany - have been awarded European Charter for Sustainable Tourism ( The trips to both countries were implemented using the job-shadowing method. Experience gained during the trips will be used in further development of existing Nature Education Centres in Latvia by creating learning possibilities for adults; thus contributing to both - increased availability of life-long learning possibilities for wider ranges of society and maintenance of our common natural heritage for future generations.



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