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iVolunteer for Europe
Date du début: 3 juil. 2014, Date de fin: 2 mai 2015 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

In Europe, over 2,500 teenagers participate annually in youth exchanges organised by YFU. Their experience abroad, integrating into a new family and school, making new friends and learning a new language, is a profound one, where they are challenged to experience cultural diversity. Dedicated volunteers and youth workers shape this first-hand intercultural experience and make it possible. Volunteers who have recently joined the organisation need support and training in order to be able to assist running a variety of tasks in their home organisation, which include managing local events, finding host families, interviewing students and promoting the educational programmes of YFU. Performing those activities gives also opportunity for young people to acquire competences and working experience highly valued at the job market and thus increase their employment prospects. The training course “iVolunteer for Europe” got together 22 volunteers from 16 countries in order to develop basic skills and competencies which are needed to become more confident and involved in undertaking initiatives in youth organisations. The training took place from the 15-21 November in Dworp, Belgium and focused on improving project and event management skills of participants, as well as increasing their public speaking, teamwork and communication skills. The programme included sessions on the value of volunteering, promotion of events for NGOs, storytelling and creative thinking. Non-formal education methodology was applied to reach the training objectives. The project stimulated young people’s spirit of initiative and creativity and encouraged them to be active citizens through volunteering. As a result of the training course the participants gained confidence in performing a variety of tasks and became enthusiastic about contributing to the mission and goals of their organisations. They have also explored ways for further personal development through taking on increasingly more demanding volunteer tasks and responsibilities. Increased volunteer competences have helped to raise the capacity of sending organisations and the overall quality of youth work they provide. Since the skills gained and practices through volunteering are valuable assets on the job market, this project has also increased young people's employability prospects. The outputs of this training course include a Guidebook for New Volunteers.



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