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ITS+ Mobilità sistemica per l'Istruzione Tecnica Superiore in Emilia-Romagna
Date du début: 1 nov. 2014, Date de fin: 31 oct. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The EU Strategy Europe 2020 and its flagship initiative “Youth on the move” call up member states to design modern Education and Training systems, in order to achieve competences that are key to economy and the knowledge and excellence society, to cut off youth unemployment by making training more respondent to young people’s needs and by encouraging them in taking advantage from EU funding for learning abroad. More, the strategic framework Education and Training 2020 defines mobility “an essential element of lifelong learning and an important means of enhancing people's employability and adaptability”, wishing to make “periods of learning abroad — both within Europe and the wider world — the rule rather than the exception”. Last but not least, the EU Youth Strategy 2010-2018 aims at favouring the transition between education/training and the labour market. In this framework, Region Emilia-Romagna is focusing on European mobility for students of training courses at all levels, aiming at embedding mobility in training curricula and encouraging local actors to achieve this goal together, by implementing networking strategies and scale economies. ITS+ fits into this picture, by offering 100 young people, students or recent graduates in high-specialisation, post-secondary “ITS” courses (Higher Technical Schools) of Region Emilia-Romagna, the opportunity to live a work experience in a EU company abroad for about two months. This comes in the streamline of one’s training pathway, with automatic accounting of the period spent abroad in one’s curriculum and validation of competences acquired during mobility through the Europass and ECVET instruments. “Competences” means technical skills in sectors on the cutting edge of regional economy, AND core, soft skills like learning-to-learn, relational, intercultural, language, as well as autonomy, entrepreneurship, problem solving, understanding of the work place environment: all skills most required by our companies, strongly export-oriented. The partnership of ITS+ is wide and qualified, including in Italy training centres, Region Emilia-Romagna itself (the highest level decision- and policy-maker on the territory) and its Foundations for ITS course, a mobility agency, and abroad 10 intermediary organisations in Belgium, Cyprus, denmark, Germany, Ireland, Poland, Spain, Sweden and Iceland. All partners benefit from a long-term co-operation, and have shown competence and reliability. Most important, they are able to offer work experiences in line with the training pathway/sector of participants, and to boost the chances for immediate employability after the mobility period. After an information and selection phase, recipients will take advantage from a thorough preparation, covering non only language issues (with a special focus on “inter-comprehension, an innovative methodology helping people to better understand foreign languages they do not know) but also those relating to organisation, culture, safety at the workplace, adaptation to a foreign country and to the work environment. Each participant will sign a Learning Agreement, specifying exactly objectives, expected results, logistic and organisational details of the work experience. During all their stay abroad, beneficiaries will be followed by a tutor in Italy, a “logistic” tutor in the country of destination, and by a company tutor, who will guide them through their learning pathway. Neither participants will miss the chance to keep in touch with their mates, thanks to a dedicated blog, where awards and other initiatives will be launched, in order to make the mobility even more interesting and involving. Upon return, a follow-up phase will take place, managed together with local companies, to let participants get the most from their Erasmus+ experience in terms of employability. ITS+ is expected to improve skills of 100 young people, to make them find and employment within few months from the end of their training. Thus, they can foster innovation and internationalisation in local, future-oriented companies. ITS+ is expected also, by those young people, to support the re-start of a whole region, Emilia-Romagna, recently hit not only by the economic crisis, but also by a heavy earthquake, with a high negative impact on its economy. Last but not least, ITS+ is expected to convey the main actors of training in the territory into a public-private partnership, with a view to integrate and enforce local policies in achieving Europe 2020 objectives, at the same time attracting private funding for the future, the only real effective way to make Europen mobility sustainable on a large scale, to the benefit of people and enterprises.



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