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IT's for U
Date du début: 1 oct. 2015, Date de fin: 31 mars 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The EVS project IT's for U ("Italy is for Ukraine") is seeking to tackle some of the important problems which exist in the two countries. For Italy it's extremely high unemployment rate among youngsters; uncertainty towards future and general disbelief in positive development; exclusion; lack of initiative; scepticism as for the need for participation in the European Union. In its turn, Ukraine is striving for the European Union and its democratic values, and right now is experiencing the process of deep transformation and all the hardships connected with it. With an understanding of the situation - each country is different, we came to the conclusion that we need Youth from different country, which will give our NGO's the opportunity to reach experience and view from other part of Europe. Approaches and methods are free and we are open to something new and fresh, so in our project we try to combine the best ways that will help us achieve higher results and make the process of building social business easy. We believe and hope that all the experience we will achieve during the EVS project together (NGO's and volunteers) will help all of us in the future. And each of them will be able to share his/her knowledge with friends. We hope that this EVS project doesn't pass in vain , and it will make a huge impression on many local volunteers as well. And as a results volunteers will be willing to run more projects/work related to this topic and in this way step by step against unemployment situation will change for the better and it will be the new and good chance for people with fewer opportunities (in case of Ukraine, because the situation in the country not economically stability) to express themself and be part of social life. The volunteers will get a lot of new opportunities as: - competences in social entrepreneurship, - abilities in working in a team, - knowledge of media, learning by experience methodology - knowledge on European opportunities in youth field, - level of tolerance and mutual understanding working with different target groups and nationalities, - knowledge about different cultures and languages, - sense of initiative, as the volunteer are encouraged to propose new ideas for all kind of youth projects which correspond to our organization’s aims; - leadership and communication skills - management of projects and project writing - language skills, in English and possibly in Russian or Ukrainian. What is important, one of the main drivers of positive social changes in the country is non-profitable organizations. But unfortunately, now they are having one of the most difficult epochs in their history - due to the economic crisis and general instability in the country. One of the biggest problems for NGOs is the lack is the institutional sustainability: with shortage of the governmental budget - and consequently - opportunity for local initiatives, and depending on unstable grant support from international institutions it's very hard for NGOs to plan long-run projects and strategic development - and thus have any systematic positive effect on the reformation of the society. After a considerable research and attempts to learn from the European experience we came up with the understanding that this can be solved with the help of starting social entrepreneurship initiatives. And our EVS project is about it. We believe after this project we will have more motivated Youth and inspired people, especially with fewer opportunities, becouse all of our NGO's now support different type of. Volunteers will get new important skills that will give them strong wish to develop self-employment or social business in the organization they work.



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