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It´s all about identity?! Multinational youth participation project
Date du début: 1 juin 2016, Date de fin: 31 oct. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Who am I? Who are we? Identity is an issue everybody in thinking about in his life. But it´s also an issue of political and social interests and part of conflicts in society. Facing a growing nationalism and patriotism in Europe and Russia as well as a rising exclusion of minority groups the partners of Interactive, Russia, Jeden Swiat, Poland, Tallinn University, Estonia, and Haus am Maiberg, Germany, plan a youth project consisting of three activities. The project “It’s all about identity” aims to raise awareness for the relation between individual and collective identity, to deconstruct narratives of collective like national identities and to sensibilize participants for discrimination and exclusion based on framing of identities. The program will be implemented by methods of non-formal education that promote interaction and reflection. The project focus on the empowerment of participants for active citizenship. In the first two activities, youth exchanges with different focus on identity issues, participants are asked to create and develop small project ideas for the time after the activity promoting ideas of solidarity. On a website participants will have the chance to report about their experiences. The third activity will be a combination of a re-meeting to reflect about the impacts of the first experience and a training aiming at the next step to empower for citizenship. The training will promote competences for participating in society sustainably. The Tallinn University, a partner in the facilitator’s team, will evaluate the impact of the three activities. The project offers 48 participants with different social and personal background the opportunity for a personal encounters in order to promote diversity consciousness and deconstruct stereotypes. The activities take place in different places. All of them are educational centers which offer professional infrastructure for non-formal education projects. All four Partners are part of the trainer team.



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