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The project was initiated because of the lack of skills of European VET teachers for using ICT tools. We wanted to make more attractive lessons, being known that the students today are more sensitive to the use of the ICT tools.That’s why the project intended to improve the ICT competencies of the teachers/trainers, so that students can be prepared for the European labor market. There have been presentations, debates, workshops, assistance to classes and exchange of good practices in the use of the ICT in the VET within the partnership. Each partner has offered a visit to a VET School to allow partners to understand the VET system in the host country.We also wanted to be familiar with E-learning methods and to develop the team-working spirit in a European frame.Each partner has taken on different tasks that have produced many good results: a pedagogical study about e-learning, VET systems presentations on each country, a comparative study of these systems, lessons and courses and didactic teaching methods based on new technologies, training courses for teachers, seminars for the dissemination of our project, surveys to assess the use of new technologies in teaching and exchange examples of best practices, among others.The project finalized with a common web site (, a booklet of ICT in VET good practices with a DVD, and a Moodle Course (also DVD version): “Travelling with Leonardo and Erasmus”.Finally, we hold a final seminar in the coordinator country, for spreading our project idea and results.Our intention is to develop in the future the spirit of the project, understanding that this is the idea behind the European projects that impact on lifelong learning concept.We have no doubt about the positive impact of this project for ourselves and in our organizations, but we also hope that the project can be useful to others who may have access to our work through the project web or through the European Projects portals: EST and ADAM.



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