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IT @ school
Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

We are convinced of the importance of ICT in education. It's a fact that, all around the world, we are seeing an increase in the adoption of the Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) in the schools. These four schools have decided to work together on the implementation of technologies in their daily routine. We want to assess our infrastructures, policies and practices in order to move one step forward and promote innovation in our organizations. And we want to do it together, sharing and helping each other on this process. This ICT Project is made up out of 3 main components: First, there is the urge to find new technologies to enrich education. Both teachers and students want to increase competences in our digital society. Putting students of about 13/14 in one group and students of about 16/17 into another group to discuss and elaborate on new digital resources, will both improve the - digital and language - competences of the students and the teachers. Although the students and educators will be working on this project continuously, using eTwinning, blogs and ICT in general, the strength of the project is that they can also communicate in mobilities, so they can test and develop their own material and check other opinions to come to a consensus. We do believe that in this rapidly evolving society in economic crisis, offering students as many opportunities as possible to get a degree, both in secondary and in university, is highly important. Second, it is necessary to make schools more aware of eSafety, to make sure parents can have their children work in a safe ICT environment. Therefore student awareness will be raised and students will become the ambassadors to show and teach fellow students and families to safely use the Internet. In addition, schools will need to come up with adequate material and ICT resources in order to live up to the change in society in the 21st century. Creating blogs, sharing information and using eTwinning are amongst some of the examples of innovations, but we want to aim higher. We would also want to focus on hardware - iPads or tablets and Smartboards - in order to keep up with technological changes. Obviously we think it is important to strengthen the European dimension. Offering web pages in multiple languages would contribute to this on the one hand, yet on the other hand we believe that it is highly important to work open-minded with teachers and students from other cultures in the current society. We believe that when students meet each other, we can show them the resemblance and how they are all European citizens. Third, we want to focus on the research of the current use of ICT at our surrounding schools. We will create a survey with the students in order to get an idea regionally on the frequency of implementation of ICT. Additionally, we will carry out another number of surveys, both discussing quantity and quality of education in ICT environments. We will also focus at our own schools and implement teacher trainings in order to raise the ICT competence of colleagues. Innovation will become a key factor for all the four educational centres involved.



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