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Date du début: 1 oct. 2015, Date de fin: 31 juil. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The aim of this youth and employment thematic İŞte GENÇ (Youth in Employment) project is to create a forum for a structured dialogue between disadvantaged young people and decision-makers in the field of employment through 3 day workshops and a summit which will help them to learn about vocational training opportunities, qualified workforce, labour market, youth guarantee, and enterpreneurship as well as local, regional, national and international employment policies and also help them to improve their social skills. The target group of the project is 40 young people 24 of which is disadvantaged from districts of İzmir which are considered less-developed such as Kınık, Kiraz, Beydağ, Karaburun, Bayındır, Dikili (3 young people from each) and 6 disadvantaged young people from central districts. All project partners are actively involved in the field of youth and employment. Izmir Governorship is the coordinator; Turkish Employment Agency (İŞKUR) Konak Branch, İzmir Union of Chambers of Tradesmen and Craftsmen (İESOB), İzmir Metropolitan Municipality and a youth NGO Genç İşi Cooperative are partners. The aim of our project is in line with the European Commission’s Work Programme and “social inclusion of the young people and improving the welfare of the youth, especially the projects aimed to fight against youth unemployment” priority is addressed. The 40 young participants of this structured dialogue project İŞte GENÇ will take part in a field research which involves face-to-face interviews with at least 10 disadvantaged young people each in their local Districts. In these interviews, young project participants will collect the views and suggestions of their peers and share them with decision-makers during the "İŞte GENÇ Summit". "İŞte GENÇ Summit" will be a day-long conference where decision-makers in the field of employment and young people will get together and discuss the issues. At the end of this summit “Sustainable Youth Employment” policy recommendation document will be prepared. Although this is a national level project, its target groups, aims and its activities and expected results are in line with the priorities of the Europe 2020 Strategy and Strategic Framework for European cooperation in education and training (ET2020) as well as European Youth Strategy. There are two main objectives of the European Youth Strategy which covers the2010-2018 period: To provide more and equal opportunities for young people in education and the job market and to encourage young people to actively participate in society. İŞte GENÇ project is developed in order to examine the youth unemployment problem which is a big issue in İzmir, through structured dialogue where young people will get together and discuss in workshops first and then meet with decision-makers in a youth employment summit. The summit will be a forum for discussion and exchange of views between young people and decision-makers in the field of employment. The main activities of the project will be: 1. Preparation activities will involve project coordination meeting, workshop and summit preparation arrangements as well as selection of the young participants and procurement of necessary services. 2. Workshops: Three day workshop will be held in December 2015 with the participation of 40 young people 24 of which is disadvantaged young. 3. Field Research: The 40 young participants will conduct a field research in their local Districts. 4. İşte GENÇ Summit: 1 day summit will be a forum for discussion and exchange of views between young people and decision-makers in the field of employment. There will be 100 participants. 5. Visibility and dissemination: Online tools, printed media and press opportunities will be used as dissemination tools. 6. Monitoring, Evaluation and Reporting: Partners will meet regularly and evaluate project developments. Effective budget control will be maintained by the coordinator. The most important gains of young people will be being a part of a forum where they meet their disadvantaged peers, exchange views, freely express themselves and get together with decision-makers who are willing to listen and value their opinions and suggestions. In terms of policy-makers the most important gains will be; to be able to get together with disadvantaged young people from different districts of İzmir and to be able to listen their problems and suggestions from first hand. In the end, decision-makers will share the results of the summit and “policy recommendation document” with their superiors and this will contribute to the policy making process in the field of youth employment. The project will be great interest for the local press since it will involve the major decision-makers in the field of youth employment as stakeholders and a successful youth NGO. İŞte GENÇ project will be a contribution to the unemployment problem of the young people who will take part in the project but also other young people living in our city.



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