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iStand for Change
Date du début: 1 sept. 2016, Date de fin: 31 mars 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Physical inactivity, increasing tobacco use, excessive consumption of alcohol and poor diet and nutrition, are increasingly becoming part of today’s lifestyle leading to the rapid rise of diseases such as cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, or obesity. Besides health damage, this current lifestyle trend of less physical activity decreases opportunities for socialization, networking and cultural identity, which itself supports social exclusion of youngsters.Furthermore, Young people face social exclusion for several reasons, including national, economic, religious, cultural background and while being or feeling socially excluded, people tend to keep themselves away from the “different” majority peers. Youth exchange “iStand for Change” is going to raise awareness and improve the capacity of female and male youngsters from Greece, Georgia Serbia and Poland to develop new attitudes in favor of healthy lifestyle thereby addressing the issue. The Youth Exchange will last eight days and will create a space for 29 youngsters and youth workers to meet, share, learn, gain and extend their current knowledge and skills with regards to healthy lifestyle, sports, social inclusion and etc. To produce desired result we have developed several objectives to accomplish: Create a clear understanding of healthy lifestyle topic and explore current issues related to the nutrition and sports through sharing good practices; to empower participants with theoretical and practical opportunities to improve their physical and health competences and at the same time, empower them to multiply new competencies back to their local communities; to promote youth interactions, networks and partnerships and promote Erasmus+ Programme as a support tool for health education.To meet above mentioned objectives, we will use on non-formal education methodology, such as interactive presentations, debriefing, participant-led workshops, simulation games, video-shooting, evaluation, small group discussions, and other tools of which are highly participative, dynamic and learning outcome oriented. These methods were chosen by the common work of targeted youth (direct beneficiaries), youth workers and group leaders. The participants will be actively involved in each phase of the project.For the long-term sustainable and wide impact, we will disseminate project outputs by bringing them to the attention of a broader audience (youngsters in our community, family members, friends, our local communities, our partner organizations from Europe and all over the world). They will be informed about importance of sports and other physical activities in our daily life and why healthy and active lifestyle is essential for social inclusion; What opportunities are given by Erasmus+ programme to support all above mentioned and etc. To ensure sustainability of the project results we will follow up the development and implementation of future projects planned during the Youth Exchange, spread printed and online Healthy Lifestyle Calendar, promote main message of the project via video and press release and etc. All of these activities will help us to bring wider impact at local and international level.



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