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işitme engelli öğrencilerde bilgisayar destekli eğitim ve öğretim yöntemi
Date du début: 1 juin 2015, Date de fin: 31 mai 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Our project named "Computer-aided training method in deaf learner" will be held with the participation of 10 teachers chosen from Karaköprü İşitme Engelliler ilkokul-ortaokul in the Helix-Helezon Education Association in Viyana Wien city. All of the Participants graduated from university and they are really good at about how to teach and use new methods and techniques.Most general purpose of our project that contains an equal number of branch teachers from verbal and quantitative sections is to prove the applicability of new teaching methods in deaf learner education with the help of technology and computer in contrast to conventional teaching methods. There is deficiency in the course curricula of the deaf learner education . Programs, materials and course books which are prepared for deaf learner education is not enough for the education of these learners and because of that the success is so low in deaf learner schools.Necessity of new curriculums that will be prepared with taking into account students’ needs and levels is important. Adoption of the new methods in deaf learner education such as computer aided training method will increase both studenst success and corporate success The duration of program, our teacher will experience the new methods which is going to be used in deaf learners education. During this program, our teachers will take part in actively and they will experience the method of computer aided in deal learners education. Skills and experiences which are gained by our teachers is going to be bring our country and with the help of these we are going to change our course curriculum and education system. In parallel to this sutiation, there is going to be increase in both studens achievement levels and the relationship between teachers and learners Adoption of new methods of teaching in deaf learner education not will only positively impact for participating school but will also other schools and educators with the help of dissemination activities. And they will be aware of need of new methods and they will be directed to projects that we perform and by this way ,they will contribute to positive impact on education system .



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