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Date du début: 31 déc. 2015, Date de fin: 30 déc. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The subject of our project is to increase the success of the hearing- impaired students (aged between 14 and 19) at the level of the secondary education and also get them to learn more efficiently than ever. Deaf individual's social, emotional and academic development adversely affected. This situation leads to hearing deaf individuals left alone in the world. These issues formed the focus on the goals of our project. To summarize our goals: • The United Nations' Convention on the Rights of the Disabled in our country, based on the relevant articles of the law No. 5825 adopted academic and social development of developing and enhancing the environment • Europe 2020 strategy by offering to reduce the rate of leaving school a quality education based on the objectives of the center makes it attractive school for the hearing impaired • Innovation Union education system based on the idea of excellence guide edinilerek modernized to create a more modern and efficient educational environment for the hearing impaired, • Deaf students succeed in society, gain social skills to live as effective and independent learners and academic (verbal and mathematical aims to increase) their success. Our project aims to examine and reseach some systems such as Total Communication and Ched Speech in which various visual clues are used, to provide the education with instructional materials which are supported by visual stimulations and sign language, to observe the acoustic classes prepared for the hearing impaired students, to get information about some supplementary technology such as FM and also to view and learn other similar approaches, applications, equipments and facilities used in this field for promoting the hearing-impaired students’ educational achievements. Our school would like to observe and learn all different approaches and applications regarding the issue just in their places to develope itself, to provide the students with better information and orientation, to raise more educated and experienced teachers with more communicative skills in this respect, to improve the physical terms of the schools for a more modern and regular education, and share all its experiences with other hearing –impaired schools all around the world at the same time. The project team consists of 12 teachers at our school. A full team of staff motivation, success in industry, dominated the Turkish Sign Language, open and willing self-development are positive teacher of social communication with students. Our team project with the institution which will be in constant communication with our partner executing each step of the project will be described in the website and the necessary announcements to be made, to prepare brochures, seminars and conferences will be held. Also prepared for deaf individuals using e.twinning, following all planned projects will increase the quality of the project, using all the data. Different learning and teaching methods and techniques observed in our project as a result, different materials, different socialization and acculturation activities and information obtained about the different educational technologies in the light of our institution, our staff and our students are expected to be affected positively. In addition, all the positive effects of our institution in a share of the project will generate positive feedback to our staff and students.



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