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İşimiz Güçümüz Oyun
Date du début: 31 déc. 2015, Date de fin: 30 déc. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Game is a piece of every country’s own culture. To be reflected of it into education will form tissue of the biggest wealth. Game is a tool which absorbs countries’ cultural and historical values. It causes acting out emotions of target groups in a healthy way. It improves creative imagination. It gives chance of expressing and thinking independently .It improves cooperation and social awareness. Also, it is an undeniable fact that game has positive effects on individual ‘s physical and mental development. Our Project aiming participation of disabled students to lessons, being provide school improvement with methods of quality reformation, development of teacher’s vocational proficiency with innovative curriculum and educational methods is an important step which provides versatile improvements in terms of forming new applications, transferring and making actual these applications. Participants are a school principal, a counselor, two pre-school teachers and 8 primary school teachers. We think that games taking part in lessons of disabled students needing special education for having good relationship with community, working in cooperation, acquiring occupation in terms of their abilities and proficiency, preparing for post graduation, being in harmony with society, growing up as loving his country and nation, productive and happy citizen will contribute as a valuable treasure. Observing intercultural learning process and supporting are among our main aims via “Games, our all matters” project. This project leads participants thereby providing that teachers of host and participant country have mobility for both meeting, sharing teaching and on site-training teaching methods and applications within games. Main aim of our project is to gain teachers importance of game philosophy, to teach teaching different methods and techniques applying abroad, to be settled them into approach which is accepted all over the world and to grow up their high level educational proficiency which can comprehend new concepts ,ideas and technologies. We should form colleague groups in our schools for being learning leaders –human types of modern ages-who learn thorough the life and should start our learning travel for being great teachers as finding learning companion. Applying to this project is a huge and precious step in terms of that purpose. New projects will be created which will provide this attempt more common with certificates that are received via project. Moreover, variety of cultural difference and universal dimension of education will be dealt at the end of this project by making feel of children games affect in being increased of experiences which carry out social innovations and corporative modernization. Revealing the contribution which games provide to education and teaching noticeably in an education ocean like huge waves direct it and presenting that awareness will be the most important gain.



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