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Irish Adventure 7/French Connection 2/Vamos a Sevilla
Date du début: 1 juin 2016, Date de fin: 31 mai 2018 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

This is a project for mechanics in our vocational schools. One part of the students go to Kilkenny, Ireland, another part goes to Sédan, France, and the third part goes to Sevilla, Spain, to improve their knowlegde in English by work placements of high quality. For their whole stay the students live with host families, who integrate them in their every day life (when in Ireland) or by themselves in appartements (when in France and Spain). The students in France and Spain will also attend lessons in the partner-school and they will be in regular contact with the students there.The students get a workplacement in a job which is related to the profession which they are training to be. For finding suitable companies and workshops in Ireland we have assigned an Irish partner. For suitable partners in France we visited the Lycèe Professionel Jean-Baptiste Clément and several local workshops and companies. Four suitable partners in Sevilla we visited the IES San Jose de la Rinconada. The work placements will take place in the following garages/shops:- car garages- agricutural machinery garages- truck repair garages- car-parts shops- machinery parts shops- panel and spray repair workshops- lawn mower and chain saw repair shops- motorbike repair garages/shops There the students also learn about the Irish/French/Spanish culture and differences in job practices in the different countries. Such an experience considerably enhances the students' chances on the labor market in future and last but not least each participant will benefit from this project personally. Each participant will get his Europass-Mobility-Certificate.In adition to that the students get confident with project-management matters and they grow in confidence. Each participant will be an ambassador for the project and will provide other students with information about work placement projects.



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