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INVOCOM - Internet-Based Vocational Training of Communication Students, Engineers and Technicians

INVOCOM will develop a series of simulation experiments for distance-learning and continuous training in the field of Information and Communications Technologies (ICT)These experiments, to be written primarily in Java, will cover specialist subjects relating to telecommunications (to include information transport networks; protocols; receiver algorithms; coding & decoding; trellis coding modulations; multiple access methods; digital signal processing, image processing, multimedia, etc.) and will lead to the creation of specific ICT vocational training courses.The purpose of each experiment will be to illustrate a device operation, to explain a procedure or algorithm, to describe design steps or to analyse a solution or its' characteristics with each experiment containing controlled questions in addition to particular problems for the user to solve thus fully checking the level of understanding of the user as regards the subject in question.The end results of the project (experiments) will function as stand alone training elements (self-training or courses for industry) or will be introduced to existing full-time or part-time courses within higher education - partner universities working on the project will introduce the results to telecommunications curricula at BSc and MSc level.The internet will function as the central tool for project dissemination providing both information and actual ICT courses to the target sector. Further papers will be produced describing the project results for presentation at a range of linked conferences and workshops. The final results (experiments) will be further considered for long-term commercial use within the telecommunications industry.



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