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Introduction of Elements of the Dual VET in the Slovak Republic (INTVET)
Date du début: 31 déc. 2013, Date de fin: 29 sept. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

This project serves, on the one hand, to work out proposals for the changes that will be necessary in the Slovak Republic in order to allow a greater dualisation of vocational training. One basis for working out these proposals is a SWOT analysis carried out for the various vocational training systems of the project partners.An analysis of the requirements of companies in the Slovak Republic is intended to ensure an adjustment to the requirements of the job market and to allow a prioritisation of the occupations for introduction.A virtual Danube Academy is designed to support the introduction of new vocational training structures, e.g. by means of communications structures, qualification offers, etc. The conception and establishment of the Academy are core elements of the project. Companies and the general public will be informed of the chances and opportunities offered by dual vocational training, among other things by means of a website.Aims and objectives• Promote a national VET system reform• Set-up of a competence center for dual VET (Danube Academy)• Mobilize SMEs and companies for dual apprenticeships• Implement an experience exchange for apprenticeshipsExpected impact• Fostering the national VET system reform• Establishment of a Competence Centre for dual VET (Danube Academy)• A stronger and sustainable mobilisation of SMEs and companies for dual apprenticeships• An ongoing experience exchange for apprenticeships Achievements: The SWOT analysis was carried out in the months of March and April 2015The draft law was presented to the project partners and discussed in May 2015A website has been set upThe analysis of the companies' requirements was carried out in the months of February and March 2015 and the results evaluated at a workshop in April 2015, where a list of priorities was drawn up.At a working session of all project partners in May 2015, the first concrete goals and tasks of a virtual Danube Academy were worked out.In July 2015, the draft law was again sent to the project partners to be agreed.



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