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Introduction of a new sustainable antifouling technology to the global maritime market. (SELEKTOPE)
Date du début: 14 août 2012, Date de fin: 13 août 2014 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Selektope® (common name Medetomidine) has been developed to be used as a marine biocide using biological and pharmacological know-how. The compound is highly selective to a specific receptor system in invertebrates through which it stimulates swimming and consequently deters the animal from adhering to ship hulls and is effective without being lethal. The effective concentration is around 0.1% (w/w calculated on wet paint) to be compared to the 30-60% (w/w) concentration of cuprous oxide needed for the same effect. Selektope has the possibility to reduce and replace the copper usage in antifouling paint and represent a new generation of antifouling substances, relying on a specific and reversible mode of action instead of general toxicity.The aim is to open up markets and create opportunities which have not been open before and thereby accelerate our business development. Ship trials with influential ship owners are an integral part of our marketing strategy as well as important R&D activities for the marine paint companies as these will contribute to building confidence with the technology. However, to gain access to ships it is necessary to involve ship owners. The more ship owners witness the merits of the technology, the more opportunities there will be for a successful commercial launch. By building up an interest around the technology, more application will be performed, more will be learnt and in the end of the project, whole ships will be painted with Selektope.