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Internet – (k)ein rechtsfreier Raum, Lehren und Lernen durch die Datenschutz-App zur Verbesserung der Medienkompetenz im Bereich der Erwachsenen- Jugend- und Schulbildung
Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The European parliament prepared a proposal for a new data protection ordinance – at the same time e.g. in Turkey internet platforms like twitter were forbidden. Concerning to the topic data protection still people are really upset, so there is a high need to transform a wide spread feeling of insecurity into a feeling of security through education. The Consortium (consisting of experts from DE, FI, SL, TU and SI) will offer the project “Internet – no (an) extralegal room” as an opportunity for parents and consumers to enforce more personal responsibility regarding to data protection and data security. The Data-Protection-App (DAPPS) is the tool representing this opportunity. The consortium especially focuses on the data security of children and adolescents. The European Parliament in 2012 already called for “to identify and apply all present possibilities to protect children against dangers from the digital world and to train and educate parents systematically how they can protect their children.” The intention of the project “Internet – no (an) extralegal room” is to contribute something to this appeal. With our project we want to help parents to protect and appreciate the value freedom (in form of data protection) for their children and adolescents. Privacy is an important concern in our democracy, which is requiring from the parents and citizen online-competence. Within the population sufficient knowledge about the system of justice including provision for data protection is rare. Consequently, the internet for many parents and consumers seems to be an extralegal room. Education about justice concerning media use is a central concern of parental media education, which for a long time carved and shadowy existence. Insecurity and mistakes regarding to the use of new media are a consequence, which also affects sons and daughters. “Internet – no (an) extralegal room” will offer an educational tool in form of a Data-Security-App (DAPPS)”. In addition to that, important information about the topics “copyright law, technical security, contextual security, advertisement, cybermobbing etc. will be created in form of three minutes lasting educational cinema movies, which will be spreaded also by the App. Background information regarding to the previously mentioned topics will extend the offer for parents to address also the target audience consumers. The App will increase the understanding and sensibility of users of screen media for data protection. A password-check system will be available through the App in mobile form. The goal is that parents and their children can use the internet in a secure way and that all involved people are best as possible informed about the topic data protection and data security. To reach this goal we want to address parents there, where also their children are: Through knowledge-spreading-events in schools. The education offer:”Internet – no (an) extralegal room” will prepare these events for schools and will perform them as an example together with all partners of the project. Today, where it is common that children and adolescents get already early in contact with media use, data protection and data security is a question of appreciation of the democracy and personal freedom. With this meaningful learning idea, justice in Europe wants to create in a consortium sensibility for data protection and in addition to that wants with its results to contribute for security and enlightment. Within the closing symposium we want to discuss about the topic data protection and data security for children and adolescents together with representatives of schools, with data protection officers, politicians (regional, national and European) and also with representatives of the parents. During this symposium the tool APPS will be presented as a competent solution by offering concrete competence for action. A “positioning paper” containing wishes and desires regarding to the topic security and protection of children and adolescents within the internet will be given to the politics. We are actively contributing to the creation process of the European cross-cutting issue “Education for media-competence”, through the App by training of interpersonal, intercultural and social competences in Europe. The joint challenge for strengthening of media-competences of parents will necessarily soften cultural and traditional established educational methods and will create room for intelligent, sustainable and integrative learning. For spreading, in each partner country will be performed a generic major event in one school. Through the necessary procedure for estimating the demand for training and information regarding to the topic data security we get through to approximately 4000 parents in each country, who we invite for the generic major event in a school. For parents and consumers by DAPPS will be closed a huge leakage of data protection.



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