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Internationalisering Voor Albeda Studenten en Medewerkers
Date du début: 1 juin 2015, Date de fin: 31 mai 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Our international activities are aimed at increasing knowledge and experience at the professional level of the students and staff. Moreover, we find it important that they gain European experience and see their profession in an European context. Important side effect is that students and staff become aware of the importance of Europe and their role in it. The focus is on countries that are important for our educational courses: - Ports for what concerns subjects such as trade, administration, logistics and technology; - World business cities especially for subjects related to business services - For subjects such as hospitality, tourism and sport professions we choose countries where activities in these sectors are common and are important for the country. We focus on countries where it is possible to get internationally recognized certificates. We also encourage international internships for groups of student, for whom an international internship is not immediately obvious, such as level 2 programs and classes having students with disabilities. For individual placements, we focus more on levels 3 and 4 students. Study trips for employees are focused on the development of personal skills and / or skills needed in a certain branch. For example, getting acquainted with methods or approaches which are not known in the Netherlands. These new qualification dossiers offer a lot of opportunities because the international experiences can be immediately incorporated into the changes and innovations that are taking place. At this moment, we mainly focus on the companies. We want to strengthen the contacts with our educational partners in the chosen destination countries to facilitate the mutual assessment of education and internships by using agreements on learning outcomes. Our project goals is to send abroad a consistent number of participants: 42 staff and 362 students. The 362 students are split in two activities: 56 participants are included in activity A1 (VET learners in vocational schools) and the remaining 306 in A2 (VET learners in companies). The 56 participants of A1 are students from a) the branche Sport&Entertainment who will run a two weeks program in Belgium, during which they are going to coach another group of Albeda level 2 students travelling to Belgium for this purpose (costs of this level 2 group of students are not included in this mobility application). The second group is composed by students of the branch Techniek (ICT division) having behavioral problems linked to autism. Participants of the Activity 2 are coming from all the Albeda branches and they are supposed to run a long term stage of 20 weeks in foreign companies who are mostly placed in the hotspot countries mentioned in the European Development Plan. But in this activity there is a special flow composed by level 2 students of the branch “Leisure&Hospitality” which will run a two weeks program in a recreational park in Germany where they will be able to improve their employee skills, necessary to successfully complete their national final stage. These students have not been so often abroad. Participants of activity 3 are colleagues (teachers and staff) coming from all the Albeda branches. They will run a program of a maximum of mone week to further update their competences by getting information and feedback from their foreign colleagues. Both students and teachers/staff will extend their competences also for what foreign languages, culture and EU awareness concerns. This also in line with the policy of the 21st century skills. Since 2005 Albeda applies every year for a mobility bid. Mobility activities for both students and teachers represent one of the milestones of the Albeda’s internationalization policy. Aim of our policy is to bring innovation into the school at many levels (processes and products) and we believe that international mobility is one of the ways to achieve such a goal. In case of selection, the project will be managed by Albeda’s central office for mobility, called ISB (Internationaal Stage Bureau), that will take care of all the necessary arrangements (contracts, tickets, insurance, administration, evaluation, dissemination). Project participants will make use of standardized procedures and forms that have been already in use for years. Dissemination occurs mainly within the organization. Each year we deliver the Europasses to project participants in a festive manner, with involvement of both teachers and parents.

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