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Internationales Jugendcamp 2015 - EUROPA ERFAHREN UND LERNEN: Im Rahmen seiner 888 Jahrfeier treffen sich Jugendliche aus den Partnerstädten Gravesham, Koszalin und Parchim, um europäische Gemeinsamkeit zu erleben.
Date du début: 17 août 2015, Date de fin: 16 févr. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Partnership between Neumünster and its partner towns is based on very personal convictions and a common particular target: To establish effective and sustainable liaisons between states. Consequently European countries have to take care that youth ist sustainably involved in EUROPEAN IDEA. There is a reasonable way to meet this target by direct juvenile meetings. Therefore political representatives of Neumünster in cooperation its partner towns feel compelled that meetings of this kind really take place: Foreign customs, habits and way of thinking become familiar to one another. That is much more than pure exchange of country delegations, it consequently involves deep analysis and discussions with respect to EUROPEAN IDEA and finally for protection of peace. Meetings of 15 young persons (of each partner town) (age 13 - 17) each are focusing these particular targets and take care that social and political experiences can be discussed resp. intensified in different age groups. So the IDEA of EUROPE will be transported in wider areas and communities. By common working and experiencing in small changing groups with representatives of all partner towns and nations (security measures in "height rope paths in forests"; support in canoeing for example). Possibly language problems will influence communication. Might be, but the emotional area will be reinforced to find answers in unclear situations and will both promote mutual trust and social competence. Additionally the experience of different cultural behavior will create more possibilities for common learning. That incorporates both informations about towns and countries, the exchange of kitchen recipies, and particular episodes while shopping. These experiences lead via realizing and astonishing to understanding: Different values and different behaviors are possible and equivalent. Direct meetings with inhabitans of Neumünster overcome language barries and consequently realize country specific way of thinking and behavior (questions, interviews). Presentations of ones own country in front of a foreign auditorium, if possible in foreign language, reinforces self-confidence in respect to ones own personality and nationality. The result of these efforts in all partner towns is a kaleidoscope representing essential parts of EUROPE. These aspects are strengthened in the context of this kind of future conference by meeting up with EUROPEAN delegates who represent and work for a united EUROPE: Here juveniles can exchange their impressions, questions and argumentations.



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