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Internationale Mobilität in der Berufsausbildung mit Assiden VGS 2014/15
Date du début: 1 juin 2014, Date de fin: 31 mai 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The exchange program between BMW Motorcycle Plant and the Norwegian partner, Assiden VGS, against the background of increased globalization of companies, aims to prepare the students for lifetime learning in the international network and open them for more mobility and flexibility using the experience of cultural differences, especially in the working environment. In small groups of six students from various technical occupation fields of the automotive industry they are supposed to learn during a two-week exchange phase in a foreign environment to organize themselves and, if necessary, to make even the daily routine in a shared apartment. During the execution of projects in cooperation with the host trainees, they are supposed to deal with working practice of other cultures, to communicate in English and to bring the task in a team to a successful close. Besides the practical application of acquired skills and knowledge in training, the trainees get to know about the foreign education system to appreciate the benefits of their own system, but also suggestions and improvements. During the exchange period accompanying trainers compare both education systems with a simple benchmark and generate processes for the transfer of best practice solutions to the exchange partner in our own education environment. In a later exchange the experience will be evaluated together and if necessary the processes will be optimized. As a result, we expect a greater openness of trainees for more mobility and therefore more potential for a possible multi-year commitment to international locations for know-how transfer in the global network. In the long term a greater variability in the exchange of staff and thereby the transfer of know-how between international locations should be ensured on a sustained basis which leads to faster implementation of production processes from German plants at international locations. The participating trainees benefit from greater autonomy, training in English language communication and greater openness to take up employment abroad. Participants who completed their exchange activities will be certified by internal certificates and the Europass Mobility.



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