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Internationale Jugendbegegnung deutscher und spanischer Pfadfinder
Date du début: 2 août 2015, Date de fin: 1 févr. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

International Encounter of Spanish and German Scouts 40 Rovers (young people aged 16 to 21) from the DPSG Eichstätt diocesan section are going to visit 30 Spanish scouts in Veléz Blanco. The idea evolved from the partnership between the Altmühltal Nature Park, which lies in the area of the diocese Eichstätt, and the Nature Park Sierra de María-Los Vélez in the Almería province/Andalusia in which the municipality of Veléz Blanco is situated. In the scope of the project, the following issues will be dealt with: intercultural exchange, environment protection, social commitment, language training and reflecting on one’s own cultural background. Thereby the project refers to the young peoples’ various needs - the need for international networking, for getting to know a foreign culture, for practical work with visible results and for commitment to a good cause. It will take the German participants 2 days each for the outward and return journey. Overnight stops in Barcelona and France will be necessary due to the long travel times. During the 8-day stay in Veléz Blanco, the participants will intensively get to know the respective other culture. Through working together within the Nature Park, they will be able to plan independently, experience the different working cultures and learn more about environment protection. On special project days, they will present the culture and traditions of their respective culture to the others and, by doing so, reflect on the aforementioned topics. The Germans will learn a lot about the history of Almería province by visiting museums and important cultural sites in Almería. Teamwork and interchange will play an important role so that the participants’ language skills will be be permanently demanded and supported. Conceived as a camp, the project has been planned by both a Spanish and a German working group. The scout leaders benefit from the broad and valuable experience gained in the course of international youth work. The participants had the opportunity to decide on the contents of the programme by taking part in conferences and they will also carry out a wide range of tasks during the youth encounter itself. The Nature Park Sierra de María will be visibly improved thanks to the scouts’ voluntary work assignment. They will acquire new competences in the field of team spirit and project management. Language barriers will be overcome and general openness as well as tolerance towards other cultures will be fostered. The contacts and friendships made during the youth encounter are expected to bring the countries closer together. The aim for the future is to establish a sustainable and durable contact between the two partner organisations and possibly to arrange a return encounter. Afterwards, the elevated level of environmental awareness will also be transmitted to each local group by the participants. Active understanding among nations through international exchanges is always a practical instrument of peace work. On long-term view, projects like this one even promote bilateral economic relations.



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