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Internationale Aspekte kultureller Jugendbildung
Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The basic concept of the project is the cultural educationial youth work of the Bad Harzburg Kunstkarussell Association. In cooperation with schools and kindergartens in the region, we teach with the aim of personality development in a variety of artistic skills. The main sphere of activity is in the area of non-formal education, incorporated within the schools timetable, and the free courses offered for after school activities in the regional youth centers. The main objective of the project is to implement an international component within the education of our youth. We want to show the children and youth, that it can be a very enriching experience to make the acquaintance of people from other cultures. The promotion of tolerance and mutual respect is just as important as developing an awareness of an overall-European identity. For the participants we envisage a year full of vivid impressions, interesting challenges and wonderful human encounters. As hosts, we feel obliged to make this project an enrichment for every volenteer so that it will be a memory for life, even if or especially when difficulties arise and they are then constructively overcome together. The cultural diversity within Europe has immense potential which needs to be enhanced and worked on. We look forward to the vitality of our young guests and hope that we can offer them a wide and varied field of personal development within our project. We would like to take four participants, when possible two women and two men. All volunteers should enjoy working with children and young people and ideally already have worked within the educational/youth system as team leaders in youth club ect. As the Kunstkarussell is active in the area of cultural education, it would be an advantage and a rewarding experiece for our project if the participant has some artistic skills. The activities of the said volunteers will essentially be divided into three categories: Firstly, they will be involved in getting to learn about the administrative side of our organization, with all its wide and varied tasks, secondly they will be introduced and involved in our regular courses, whereby they can view our training staff and if desired, the volunteers can introduce their own ideas for training sessions. Thirdly, we would like to plan and carry out a Youth Exchange program for the coming year with their assistance and support. After close communications with the three sending organisations and having found the applicants male/female, as coordinating organisation we will then take the necessary steps in the preparation phase. These include in particular the planning of the journey and the procurement of a European Health Card. There will be four tutors available when the volunteer arrive. The tutors will assist in the perception of the language course, provide for the compulsory visit to the accompanying seminars and help with social integration locally. Furthermore, there are four fixed contacts availabe to modulate, together with the volunteers, the provided weekly plan and who are responsible for its implementation. The proposed measure is for the four volunteers, and also for the Kunstkarussell as a relative novice in the EVS process a very valuable experiences. The close contact with children and young people gives our guests a vivid picture of a small German town, and vice versa, the children will get to know four young people with their own cultural experiences who want to share their view of life with them. Tolerance, cosmopolitanism and an awareness of the European idea are the main objectives of the project. If it is possible to achieve this, the measure for all participants will have a lasting benefit.



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