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International Youth Volunteering Programme
Date du début: 1 août 2016, Date de fin: 31 août 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The British Red Cross International Youth Volunteering Project's mission is to provide high quality long-term international volunteering experiences to 29 young people from across Europe, aged 18-30. We prioritise making our placements accessible to those with fewer opportunities, as defined by the ERASMUS+ Inclusion and Diversity Strategy, and those who will benefit most from the personal and social development opportunities which the scheme offers. Selected volunteers will have the opportunity to take part in a range of humanitarian projects, which will enable them to enhance their intercultural learning and develop their understanding and experience of active citizenship in a global world. The various projects included in this application are thematically linked by a common commitment to the inclusion of vulnerable groups, both at the local and community level; this focuses primarily on supporting vulnerable individuals in the community (refugees and asylum seekers; the elderly) and providing first aid learning opportunities to increase resilience: In line with wider EVS goals, our International Youth Volunteering Programme (IYV) has a number of specific objectives:- To encourage young people's active citizenship and participation in civil society;- To facilitate opportunities for young people to develop international friendship and understanding;- To provide a mechanism for young people to actively contribute to building more resilient communities in Europe through their involvement in service delivery;- To encourage social inclusion by ensuring participation among disadvantaged youth as well as projects with an inclusion focus; - To enhance the employability of young people and develop their knowledge and experience of volunteering in the social sector.Through a range of informal and non-formal learning activities and experiences, volunteers will be supported over the course of the placement to take an active role in society, and will also have the space for personal development, self-reflection and learning. The personal development and training opportunities available will enable participants to develop skills crucial for future training or employment, while given them the chance to be engaged as active citizens in civil society. At the local level, the participants will be directly involved with the delivery of services to vulnerable people in the community. Their contact with community groups who may otherwise have little contact with people from overseas enables the intercultural learning from the programme to spread more broadly than the participants themselves. The volunteers will also be encouraged to proactively engage the communities in which they volunteer with issues around European identity. Engaging Red Cross National Societies across Europe, the project enables collaboration at the EU level and encourages cross cultural learning and understanding.



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