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International vocational cooperation and innovation for a better future
Date du début: 1 juin 2015, Date de fin: 31 mai 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The aim of the project called „International vocational cooperation and innovation for a better future“ is to move forward the participants´ knowledge and skills and to give impulse for a professional and personal development. The project is focused on four targets: 1. to improve the quality, education efficiency and professional requirements, 2. to enforce fairness, social cohesion, inclusion and active citizenship, 3. to improve the creativity and innovation, including business skills, 4. to increase adaptability and graduate employment, to develop human potential and to contribute to working mobility. These aids are in agreement with strategical framework of European cooperation in education and professional preparation and education development in Europe to 2020. The project resulted from meeting school management, teachers, workplace leaders, educational experts from Italy and chosen students. After discussing project, being prepared, it came clear, it is necessary to support and broaden mobility – ability to work abroad, to concentrate on international cooperation and interaction between the school and companies. It is important to adapt school theoretical and practical activities for development of professional and language abilities of all students so that they were applied in current working market. We would like to make use of know-how of Italian hospitality and gastronomy, to use examples of good practice. The target group of this project are the students from the first to third grades of gastronomy branch. 29 participants of the scholarship will improve their knowledge and practical skills in the international gastronomy branch, travel management services and hotel management. An inseparable part of the scholarship will also be professional, cultural and language preparation before going abroad. The scholarship is divided to two courses. The first course for fifteen participants and one accompanying person will take place in June 2015. The second course for 14 students and 1 accompanying person in June 2016. The professional program of the scholarship will be under the supervision of Italian professionals at the modern equipped working places of the I.P.S.E.O.A. Institut and at the hotel Floridiana. The professional program of the scholarship will be branch oriented. The scholarship in Italy is planned for two weeks, the professional program lasts for five days a week, seven hours a day. There are educational excursions and rest planned to fulfil free time of participants. The participants will experience working in a different working place with an international team. The scholarship will allow students gain special skills in the field of Mediterranean gastronomy. They can get inspired by examples from the real market background in terms of creativity in meals’ preparation. It will enlarge their language and communicative competences. The participants will also learn about different demands in preparation of meals and drinks, mise en place, serving the guests and hotel services and in overall communication with the clients.) They will also enlarge their knowledge of restaurant preparation, of serving the clients and they will improve their communication with their clients. They will learn to use new appliances, new technologies by which the working places are equipped. They will be encouraged to use ingredients of perfect quality. For accompaniment who will be chosen from special or language teachers is the contact with foreign countries further enrichment of their work, confrontation with absolutely other enviroment and contribution to further development of their qualification. We suppose that they pass their knowledge to other colleages from our staff, it will enrich our studying resources. Participants of scholarship will be evaluated on the basis of working diaries, of evaluation which will be given to them by their italian tutors at the end of their scholarship and on the basis of fulfilment of studying results, which the studying unit contains. Testing of fulfilment of aims during scholarship will be done according to parameters contained in results of studying units. 29 supported students of gastronomy will be outcome of the project. These will obtain Europass and certificate about performed practise abroad. These papers are important documents for further employers. Project day will be a partial outcome. On that day all participants will present their results of project to their schoolmates, teachers, representatives from other schools and parents. The brochure with gained recipes, procedures and dictionary with professional words will be further outcome. Observation of participants will be the part of brochure, too. The development of each entity, especially in education, requires international cooperation with other entities, which grants further exchange of knowledge and experience, as well as improvement of language skills and mutual comparison of professional skills.



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