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International Mobility And Growing Experience
Date du début: 1 août 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

This project therefore aims to participate in the construction of citizens in a sustainable way and integrating the different decision levels: local, regional, national and European. This project is the culmination of discussions that are built into our structures, our audiences over the years. We believe that young people will find it easier (envy?) To participate in and take the place which should be that of a citizen in a democratic system. We also believe that enhancing the power to act each in a formal or informal space goes with this. The meeting with the partners is also made around this theme during the meeting in Sweden organized by the national federations. These reflections, observations, have led us to give a new dimension to actions that we carry daily in our structures working internationally. A real passage for our public! lso, we therefore organize exchanges between 3 structures: The municipality of Uppsala in Sweden, a child's home in Vilnius, Lithuania, and the social center Chico Mendes Beaurains. The first exchange will take place in France in August 2015, the second will be held in Lithuania in July 2016 and finally the exchange in Sweden will close our project by August 2016. We reproduce for three exchanges "compulsory passages." To know: - The visit of institutional places where democracy is played at different levels (local, regional and national) - Visit of the Parlamentarium in Brussels during the visit to France in one day - Meeting with local elected officials - Discussion groups on issues of democracy and living together - Time for intercultural exchange and valuation of crops - Leisure time promoting international intermingling and gender - Accountability of time in managing everyday life - Valuation of trading time by passages degrees The practice of English and sustainable relationship a little over 13 months will finally allow to build relationships that will last or not, but at minimum that will demonstrate that for young people who sometimes apprehensive to go to the unknown, the obstacle is not so insurmountable.



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