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International Language Teacher Education Research Group
Date du début: 1 sept. 2016, Date de fin: 31 août 2019 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

It is widely accepted that collaboration leads to greater productivity and impact (Katz & Martin, 1997). It is most widely encountered in sciences, but there is a growing interest in social sciences towards establishment of research groups for gathering research fellows who are interested in the same research area. The main aim of the ILTERG project is to establish international research groups which will facilitate collaboration in the field of language teacher education. Through this project long term research companionships will have established to generate high quality studies in the field language teacher education. Besides, productivity of researchers through cross-fertilization of ideas, and the impact and visibility of the products will be ensured through collaborative research. In this respect, the ILTERG project adopts a dynamic structure which enables researchers collaborate with a wide range of other researchers from different countries.More specifically, through international research collaboration as highlighted by Katz and Martin (1997);- International researchers will share their research expertise, knowledge, skills and techniques in language teacher education,- The researchers will transfer their research knowledge and skills each other which will promote their continuous professional development (CPD),- International collaboration will foster the cross-fertilization of ideas which will in turn generate new insights or perspectives that researchers, working on their own, would not have grasped,- International research collaboration will provide intellectual companionship which will create a common research culture among researchers,- International research collaboration will have the effect of 'plugging' the researcher into a wider network of contacts in the scientific community. This will enhance the potential visibility and productivity of their research (pp. 14-15).Based on above-mentioned features of research groups in order to ensure the productivity, quality and impact of research in the area of language teacher education international collaboration is a must. Training competent and qualified language teachers is a problem not only in Turkey but also in EU and other countries (Ziegler, 2013), conducting research in local context does not provide generalizable results and final solutions to this problem. Moreover, the nature of research groups requires international collaboration. To put in a nutshell, to merge different research cultures of different countries is quite needed for a productive research activity.The research groups will be established in each partner university and will include at least 3 researchers one of whom being the group leader. The main premise of these groups will be to have researchers with similar interest areas or studying the teacher education phenomena in a different aspect. The groups will have a cosmopolitan structure including at least one participant from other countries than the one in which the group is established.The outputs of the ILTERG project will be:1. Media Sources,2. Establishment of International Research Groups in Language Teacher Education3. Development and Administration of a Needs Analysis Survey towards Collaborative Research in Language Teacher Education4. Writing Research Articles5. Composing an Edited Book in the Field of Language Teacher Education6. Organizing Workshops for Novice Researchers7. Composing a Guidebook on Establishment of International Research Groups8. Organizing an International Conference on Language Teacher EducationAll in all, the ILTERG project will ensure the productivity, quality and impact of research in the area of language teacher education. Therefore, the major impact expected from this project is to conduct and produce high quality studies in the field language teacher education through long term research companionships and cross-fertilization of ideas among international researchers in the field of language teacher education.



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