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International Kwidzyn
Date du début: 1 août 2014, Date de fin: 31 déc. 2015 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

As part of our project we organized a long-term European Voluntary Service for 7 volunteers. Projects took place in the period 15.09.2014-14.09.2015 and one 07.11.2014-06.11.2015 . Project participants were volunteers : Anna Leschke - Germany, Marie Svackova - Czechy, Lilit Safaryan - Armenia, Adem NEYİŞ - Turkey , Kerrie Milford - Northern Ireland , Sara De Cabo Agustin - Spain , Mert Olgaç - Turkey. They were mostly young people aged 20-30 who wanted to increase their knowledge and skills working with children, young people healthy and mentally disabled and socially excluded. The coordinating organization was the "Eco-Initiative" Association in Kwidzyn in Poland. Volunteers worked in five institutions in Kwidzyn (Kwidzyńskie Stowarzyszenie Oświatowe, Stowarzyszenie Eko-Inicjatywa,, Przedszkole z oddziałami integracyjnymi w Kwidzynie, Zespole Szkół Specjalnych, Zespole Szkół Gimnazjalnych ) and the Latorośl Association in Malbork - every organization / institution hosted one volunteer. The main objective of the project was increasing the activity of the local citizens of the county Kwidzyn and Malbork and intercultural education . During the project, volunteers used active methods such as workshops (music, theater , vocal etc. ), outdoor activities in the forest, reused paper workshops, presentation on their country and the European Voluntary Service . The impact on the local community took place in particular in the field of intercultural education. Breaking down barriers and stereotypes, exploring other cultures it was an essential element of this project. Beside that through our actions inhabitants of Malbork county Kwidzyn learnt about the Erasmus Programme and non-formal education.



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