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International Forestry
Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

FOREST EUROPE (The Ministerial Conference on the Protection of Forests in Europe) is the pan-European political process for the sustainable management of the continent’s forests. Workshop report of the seminar organized by the FOREST EUROPE in Santander Spain in 2014 suggests that a pan-European approach in the context of sustainable forest management that implies adopting rules, mechanisms and criteria of labor sustainability is needed. Training and education need to embrace and facilitate a comprehensive view of the multiple functions of forests in order to understand and manage traditional and new activities, and to address emerging challenges. Special efforts should be made to improve labor skills and qualification of the work force. A sustainable, trained and safe workforce is one of the pillars of a more competitive forest sector. From this background rises this project on international forestry. OBJECTIVES The objectives of the project are to increase labor market relevance of vocational education in the field of forestry and to use international cooperation as a tool for this by making available the strengths of each participating country available. A new form of practical training scheme and study of real life cases planned in cooperation with forest industry is in the core of this project. Learners need to develop their skills and competencies within a competitive and innovative educational environment. International mobility as part of studies leading to a qualification, offers the students learning environments which contribute to entrepreneurial attitude, strengthening of their self-esteem and understanding of the big picture in the field of sustainable forestry. NUMBER OF THE PARTICIPANTS 16 students will participate/country to testing of the national forestry modules in international workshops. To support this work each country is sending an teacher accompanying teachher for these events (20 mobilities). Through home internationalization more local students are connected to project work (eLearning, hosting of international students). In addition to this, partner schools will send 12 persons (forestry teachers and managers) to transnational meetings. National and international seminars organised in partner countries will host hundreds of forestry field professional’s in addition to this. DESCRIPTION OF THE ACTIVITIES AND RESULTS The unit on international forestry which is built in curriculum will anchor the international topics and international learning environments to the forestry qualification. This common unit consists of eLearning part and a period of international mobility concentrating on forestry of host country. A structured unit will offer a possibility to organize "international semesters" in forestry schools during which this specific unit on national forestry is offered for international students from different countries at the same time. This will also help to build up a planned framework in which the learning in companies can take place. Local students will be integrated in these groups and home internationalization will benefit of this when local students act as tutors for the international students. In planning of these units close cooperation with working life is necessary for guaranteeing the labor market relevance of learning outcomes planned. In partner schools there are quality assurance groups on curriculum development which offer already existing framework for getting input from the working life. Companies may also provide valuable learning environments for study visits and other learning experiences. The high quality programme template for visiting specialists will support national forest industry. Companies will benefit for example from the possibility to inform about their principles on sustainability and another example would be certification. IMPACT Shared impact of the project is that each partner school will get a functioning, tested and assessed unit of learning outcomes to offer for their own students and for incoming students from abroad in the field of sustainable international forestry. For learners this unit will open up a new flexible and modern study pathway with eLearning and international mobility option. This unit opens up new labor market option in multiple tasks which demand experience on international level forestry and sustainablity to make decisions about forest management and timber markets. At a National & European level the project seeks to increase the transparency of vocational qualifications as partners prepare themselves for ECVET implementation by building up this unit of learning outcomes together and developing opportunities for validation and recognition for it as part of qualification in each partner country. This structure offers European wide possibilities for dissemination in the field of forestry as well as in many other fields of study and even in higher edcuation of the field.



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