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International Education Project Management
Date du début: 1 févr. 2015, Date de fin: 30 mai 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

FEZ-Berlin is Europe's biggest Youth and Family Center. It offers creative games, fun and relaxation and its programme includes education, new experiences and culture. The most unique themes dealt with are: global learning, sustainable development, culture, Ecology, Space travel, Educational methods through sport and games, and international mobility progammes. The 100.000 m² outdoor and 13.000 m² indoor areas allow FEZ to be the ideal place for numerous projects. The Astrid-Lindgren Stage with its 588 seats offers an interesting theater programme for children and families. The Museum for Children in FEZ presents various themed exhibitions within its 450 m² area, where touching and being touched are encouraged and welcomed. The Orbital-Space Center, with its unusual architecture follows the model of the International Space Station, the so called ISS. Children experience here the fascination and use of space travel. The swimming pool and sports court, the concert hall and cinema and the attractive playgrounds are most inviting to come and try them out. Around one million people visit FEZ every year. FEZ-Berlin organises yearly 3 to 4 Youth in Action/ Erasmus + projects and because of its groups and committees, (e.g. the Advisory Committee on Europe together with the State Secretary and the EU Commissioner in Berlin) the organisation is known for its international and European educational programmes and youth work. Our volunteers will become ambassadors of our work and after the EVS period they will have received concrete work experience for their transfer to a work place. Best case scenario, a new Erasmus + programme will result after it. This year we will receive two volunteers from Spain and Hungary. We hope the project will increase the self-esteem of the volunteers and their European awareness, and to continue our partnership with the sending organisation in future projects, such as an invitation to our Grundvig programmes. We share these experiences with other partner organisations such as "Bundesvereinigung Kulturelle Jugendbildung", "Europa Fachbeirat" as well as with the relevant local and regional decision-making bodies. Basically, FEZ would like to promote the development and mobility of Europe's young generation and to contribute to increasing the interest and excitement of youngsters for Europe, to change it from an abstract idea filled with prejudices, into experiencing the everyday positive benefits of Europe. For this reason our project also tackles the important themes such as the expansion of the EU, the decision-making mechanisms of EU institutions (e.g. the Treaty of Lisbon) and they always play a role in the work of our volunteers. We organise yearly, among other projects, the Europe Festival, international youth trainings, as well as week-long country- and language-themed projects which convey to a large public European Union awareness. When it comes to political and cultural education programmes, the EU is placed in a global context. FEZ, together with Embassies, Cultural Institutes and NGOs calls for a critical dialog on global themes to take place between the local population of Berlin-Brandenburg and the international community. Given that in the last years FEZ has dealt with the themes youth unemployment and social equity, we would like to work on this topic with our volunteers and develop it further. This means that the volunteers will be given the task to search for new partners and develop youth-relevant concepts. Together with youngsters from different social backgrounds, the volunteers will come up with new proposals on sustainable education for ALL and develop our cooperation with the schools in Berlin.


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