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International Conference Youth Policy at Local and Regional level: "Developing our territories trough youth participation in decision making”
Date du début: 1 janv. 2016, Date de fin: 31 déc. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

This project represents a collective process of organizations from 13 countries that agreeing that is crucial to develop a new culture of youth participation, especially when it regards the decision-making in the issues that are of direct concern and interest of youth, decided to develop a project that culminate with a large scale international conference involving directly 42 youth workers, youth leaders and public officers with responsibilities in the youth work and youth policy field.We will also develop the competence and awareness of both youth workers and local authorities officials to be able to reach an effective dialogue and build together platforms that “some are not working FOR but we all are working WITH each others - youth and authorities are building together!". With the implementation of our International Conference "Youth Policy at Local and Regional level: Developing our territories trough youth participation in decision making” that will take place in Faro, Portugal, we aim to increase the capacity and awareness of local authorities, youth workers and youth leaders to be able to cooperate for the development of local youth policies that are able to address, specific policy fields such as employment, youth participation, inclusion, and youth emancipation and quality in youth work. Our conference objectives are:- To identify and to promote structures and mechanisms for youth participation in decision-making and debate about their potential and challenges on public governance;- To develop more inclusive approaches to foster the participation of young people with fewer opportunities into spaces such as local youth councils and youth fora;- To develop the capacity of the participants to work together (civil society and public authorities) on the field of youth public policy;- To allow youth organizations and municipalities to share their best practices in terms of cooperation between local authorities and civil society;- To support the development and implementation of Youth Guarantee schemes at local and regional level in coordination with all relevant stakeholders;The methodology of our 4 days conference will be based on a diversity of methods and approaches used in non-formal education, that will allow to increase participation of all the individuals at the same time that will address different working and learning styles in a way that will create a productive and efficient working environment. A combination of plenary sessions, with small groups moments, using a participatory based methods will increase the engagement of all group.Our project will not only increase the capacity of the participating organizations to more effectively engage young people in the decision making process and development of local youth policies but will also produce a publication and a conclusions document that will compile our conference results and the research exercise done by the partners, that will be used to mainstream and inspire many other local authorities and civil society organizations to change their approach on youth work and youth policy development at local level. We believe that stakeholders will came the capacity to look at youth, and its energy, creativity and potential for change, as a source of solutions for our society’s challenges and also that these challenges need to be addressed at local level, where local actors can cooperate and contribute to policy reforms on local level but also influence national and European policy processes becoming relevant actors on setting the agendas that will affect their lives.



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