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International Breeze in the East
Date du début: 1 févr. 2016, Date de fin: 31 août 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The 11-month long EVS project will be hosted by Hyvärilä Youth Centre in Nurmes, North Karelia. Volunteer will learn about youth work in Finland, she will work with young people and children in local schools and kindergarden, at the “Apaja Nuortenpaja” – a workshop for unemployed youngsters, the local youth house, the afternoon club and at “Ystävänpysäkki” – a place to socialize for elderly people.The main tasks are instructing International Hours and supporting teachers of local and regional schools, guiding workshops, getting to know nature- and environmental education and helping during the camp schools at Hyvärilä. They will also work with the youngsters at the youth workshop as well as interacting with Finnish young people at the youth house and the local kindergarden. Other tasks will be the work with children at the afternoon club and at Ystävänpysäkki, together with elderly people. Since the internationalization of the locals is one of the main goals, volunteers will promote EVS at the schools and the youth house and familiarize them with the opportunities of European Voluntary Work and international possibilities in general.Examples of volunteers activities:CAMP SCHOOLS - The high season for camp schools is in September and May, occasionally they will also take place during winter time. Volunteers our program managers and other guides with different kinds of sports and activities, having a chance to instruct international workshops and other activities for the children (mainly 12 year olds) and give them an understanding of other cultures, at the same time learning from the Finnish one.SOCIAL YOUTH WORK - “Nuotta”-coaching” camps happen around the year, bringing groups of young people (13-29) from different backgrounds for some intensive “coaching” and activities in Hyvärilä. Some come only for two days, some come for the whole week. Volunteers will have the opportunity to work with our Nuotta-coordinator planning and implementing activities with these groups. Also, perhaps one or two of the groups is interested about your home countries, or maybe even planning a trip or an exchange with some other countries, where we think you might have a lot to offer to the conversation!YOUTH WORKSHOP - A biketrip away from Hyvärilä, in the center of Nurmes we also have a “Youth Workshop” where some young people work with handicrafts, daily topics, and school assigments. During your volunteering, you will also have the chance to go and interact with these young people, and help them out fixing some bikes, cooking together, learning English and so on.MAINTANANCE AND KITCHEN - Running a Youth Centre like Hyvärilä is much more than simply working with young people from visiting groups. Food needs to be served every day, buildings repaired, rooms cleaned, snow shawled from the paths, post delivered and customers and young people helped every day of the year! You will also get the opportunity to meet, get to know, and work with the maintenance crew, and kitchen staff, and if you are willing, also bring “spices and ideas” from your own culture to the equation.PROJECTS IN HYVÄRILÄ - huge part of Hyvärilä’s activities are based on different smaller project running at all times. There’s international events, youth exchanges, local initiatives, school visits, voluntary actions, and much much more that you will be invited to contribute to! Also, if you feel like it, you are able to set up your own projects as you work here, based on the volunteers own interest. Cooperation with local schools, events, projects and more is a day to day reality, also for the volunteers.



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