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Date du début: 1 mars 2016, Date de fin: 30 juin 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The Erasmus + Program will contribute to the Europe 2020 Strategy with the aim of seeking smart, inclusive and sustainable growth;quality education and training, successful labour market integration and more mobility of young people which will release all youngpeople’s potential and support the achievement of the Europe 2020 objectives.Both of our areas and countries are facing the major problem of youth unemployment and to conquer this issue we need to findsolutions for young people with a key outcome being working abroad. However, there are still many obstacles that hinder freemovement and these issues need to be overcome to make it easier for young people to move and work within the European Unionaswell as acquire new skills and competences. Young people are often willing to work abroad, but do not take up job opportunitiesin other countries because they are not aware of them, high costs of moving or language barriers.The participants will be aged between 16 and 30 years old and will come from three main groups: -1. Young people that need support to find a job or a training course abroad;2. Young people with less possibility of gaining employment abroad in order to open their minds to the potential opportunity, and;3. Young people who are disadvantaged with the aim of giving them an unique opportunity and to increase their self-confidence.The young people who will participate in the project will acquire a range of skills and knowledge which will improve theiremployment opportunities and allow them to succeed in life. The young people from each institution will responsible of the whole organisation of the mobility in their country.The project objective is to 'activate' young people and raise awareness of the employment opportunities available abroad indifferent European countries. The activities during the mobility’s will be organised by the participants however they will be aroundfive key areas which are interculturality, entrepreneurship, employment, volunteering and education. The project will be organisedaround two mobility’s taking place in April and May 2016 with at least 16 young people participating in each mobility (8from each country). The plan is for one exchange to take place in Hartlepool and the other in Gijón. The direct beneficiaries of themobilities will be 16 people (young people that are going to travel) accompanied by their tutors and we will try to involve more young people during the local activities of the exchanges.



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