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Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project aims at internationalization of training in Nursing Assistants Course through the students and and teachers mobilities. The main problem associated with this qualification is high unemployment. We consider it is essential to improve work and academic chances for our students by offering them the curricular FCT (work placement) abroad, in a quality framework and planning as it is performed through a host partner: a vocational training center in Finland with whom we already collaborate and have signed a Memorandum of Understanding. The Project is applied for 24 months so as to perform the mobility of students along two courses, each involving 2 students. The mobilities last 60 days that since they stand for the whole module FCT. A detailed Training Programme must be agreed to achieve the skills in the program of this module. The participating students (all over 18 y.o.) are transparently selected by a selection committee, which assesses their skills in languages (English), personal and professional maturity and other criteria explained before. The practices of our students are recognized as the FCT module, part of their curriculum. Besides, they will get the Europass documents that expand their future employment and academic opportunities in the European area. The methodology of organizing the FCT abroad consists of the following phases: contacts with host partner, candidates selection, language and cultural preparation (OLS platform, web EURES, own resources), signature by all parts of the Agreement Learning for Traineeships including training program, arrangements for travel, accommodation search, monitor the FCT through teacher tutors (email, phone, questionnaires that students must fill in, Erasmus Mobility Tool) and work tutors in Finnish host organization , collecting the documentation provided by the student at his return (follow-up sheets, labour tutor report and certificate of attendance) and evaluation of the FCT. All these phases are well known by our IES. Since 11 years we have been developing them under other programs: Erasmus Consortium DG Initial Vocational Training of Andalusia, specific grants under the Order 16/05/2011 of Andalusia government, etc. There are already coordinators of European programs in our center. Our quality standards are demanding and the approval of this project will allow us to apply with guarantees for the European Charter for Mobility in Vocational Training. We also apply for an Activity training for teachers, visits of 5 days to 3 vocational training centers (the above mentioned in Finland, Germany and Croatia), with educational offer similar to ours. We plan a job shadowing of teaching of Care students, tsackling of pupils with special educational needs, organization of FCT and management of dual training. It also aims to create a climate of confidence to apply in the close future for stays of students to perform the FCT. These 7 teachers will be selected according to criteria established by the Selection Committee (involvement with the European programs, time-in service as VET teachers and at our school, language skills, etc) and are responsible for the dissemination of the training received in order to produce the greatest impact on our IES. The expected results and and their impact are: - Experience the FCT abroad is useful to participating students, but also through dissemination to all his/her classmates, to improve their job prospects in our environment (where tourism industry and foreigner residents are crucial) and the European labour market as well and take into account further education in other countries. - Improvement of systems of recognition of qualifications and skills in the field of Healthcare, through the Europass documents and analysis of professional skills and competences required in other countries. - For teachers, up-to-date of didactics, discussion of other models of training health professionals. - Improvement of individual support techniques for the attention to students with special educational needs. - Improved management of FCT with companies in our environment, new organizational possibilities after the knowledge of experiences of other management models (eg dual training) and analysis of the possibilities of implementation in our School. - Increase in language and ICT skills for teachers and students (not only participants, because the dissemination activities are crucial in this Project. Insertion of English for Healthcare work as part of our students' training.



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