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Internacionalización Ciclo IES Pazo da Mercé
Date du début: 1 juin 2015, Date de fin: 31 mai 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Project context: This mobility project is focused on the intermediate level of "Microcomputer Systems and Networks" at the IES Pazo da Mercé (As Neves). Number and profile of participants: The project involve one student and one teacher of this course. The criteria used for the selection of participating students include academic performance and lingüistic skills in the language used in the project. Description of activities: The project includes two types of activities: - Business practices abroad for students from the course. - Mobility for one teacher, in order to observe the working processes of the company (job shadowing) and help adaptation of students. Methodology for carrying out the project: In order to help in the management and monitoring of the project, the school will establish an agreement with a broker partner. This partner will look for the company in the destination country, make student reception and guidance during the mobility period. The student will also have a tutor at the host company that will oversee his work within the company and facilitate the acquisition of skills for the Training at Work module. The student will also have a tutor in the school who is the teacher responsible for monitoring the work done by the student during the internship period. This teacher will also participate in the mobility program and will be in constant contact with the tutor at the host company and with partner broker. Results and expected impact: - For students participating in mobility, the project provides an improvement in their ability to adapt to different markets and employability, as well as an improvement in their lingüistic skills in English. - For the participating teachers, the project seeks inclusion in their teaching of good practices that promote internationalization skills for students. - For the school, the project seeks to promote participation in mobility projects, both in this course as in other educational levels. Long-term benefits: At Long-term, this project searchs to improve lingüistic skills of students from "Microcomputer Systems and Networks" and increase their employability, both extending to labor markets in different countries and improving their ability to generate self-employment and create their own business initiatives. On the other hand, carry on mobility programs will help to improve the chances that the course can offer to students interested in it.



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