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INTERmodality MOdel for the Development of the Adriatic Littoral zone (INTERMODAL)
Date du début: 30 sept. 2012, Date de fin: 29 sept. 2015 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

INTERMODAL foresees implementation of common activities aimed at identifying best methods to foster effectiveness of local transport systems according to needs of areas involved. Communication has a key role to give information of activities,project results &to facilitate participation in project.Awareness-raising activities will be organised on green&intermodal transport solutions at local&EU level & will underline role played by local authorities. It will implement a research to understand which characteristics an integrated &intermodal system should have in order to be useful &sustainable,answer to needs of urban mobility,management &promotion of touristic flows for territories &what are the existing best practices in area.LB will study connections between Ancona&Vallamiano suburbs,a remote area having touristic potential not far from Portonovo beaches;B1&B2 will study mobility flows&how to integrate car,bus&train connections between Vlora&Tirana;B3 will study integration of TPL pass card with bike sharing service&information systems to facilitate travellers;B4 will deepen its previous research on application of intermodality to touristic flows between Rimini&Ravenna;B5 will inquire into Region Apulia employees needs in terms of transport to reach Regional offices in Bari in order to set-up a car sharing facility at Region premises;B6 will study intermodal connections between Šibenik&islands &a unique ticket;B7 will study connection with remote areas. Data&best practices will be shared through project database&website&analysed in 2 technical seminars(Sibenik-Jun13&Bari Dec13) &the results of research will be crossed with input collected at local level. Local Mobility Boards of local transport stakeholders will be set up &will meet to draft local Strategic Plans on intermodal mobility.Boards will collect inputs from citizens to draft the strategies & get feedbacks on what Board has proposed.Meetings opened to public will be held at before each international seminar/workshop,in order to make Board able to collect local inputs.Touristic sector stakeholders at local&CBC level will be also involved. There will be a workshop (Vlora Jun14) in which partners will present the Strategic Plans of each town that will be the common base to be considered during a future revision of Mobility Plan of each area. As pilot actions LP will develop a call-a-bus service,an on demand service in which changes of itinerary will be programmed by using interactive departure boards;B1&B2 will reorganize train connection Tirana-Vlora,integrated with bus &build a parking site out of Vlora;B3 will deal with integration of TPL pass card with bike sharing service&installation of multimedia informative panels;B4 will develop integrated transport by rail&tyre on the littoral for young people&tourists;B5 will create car sharing facilities for employees of Apulia Region;B6 will develop intermodal connections to islands;B7 will foster connections with remote areas. Indicators for monitoring&evaluation of action will be defined.Local sector stakeholders will dialogue&network to consider how to apply identified intermodal transport solutions to management&promotion of tourism in Adriatic area in seminar-Split Sep13 where will be collected ideas how to turn intermodal&sustainable mobility into a resource to promote tourism;workshop-Rimini Dec14 to define a strategy to promote tourism in Adriatic littoral zone as a sustainable tourism area by advertising intermodal transport solutions developed by each participating town;conference-Acona Jun15 to involve CBC actors in sharing results of pilot projects,strategies to promote sustainable tourism&publication of guidelines. To raise awareness on green&sustainable development policies,the final event will host the concert of Tetes de bois musical band performing thanks to the energy produced by a stage with levers hosting 128 bikes funded by Apulia Region.



  • 85%   1 700 000,00
  • 2007 - 2013 Adriatic IPA CBC (IT-SI-EL-HR-BA-ME-AL-RS)
  • Projet sur KEEP platform
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